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Light Lunchtime Blogging

I’m eating my lunch in the law school today—ham on a roll and some fresh cucumbers—and catching up on links. Here’s what I’m reading right now:

Liver Transplant for Steve Jobs Performed at Methodist University Hospital/University of Tennessee Health Science Center Transplant Institute The next time you think about criticizing the University of Tennessee—or Tennessee in general—as being backwards and worthless, think about Steve Jobs’s decision to use the Transplant Institute. This is really cool and makes me even prouder to be a UT Alumna.

Washington Sketch: Welcome to the Obama Show! (Dana Milbank “During the eight years of the Bush administration, liberal outlets such as the Huffington Post often accused the White House of planting questioners in news conferences to ask preplanned questions. But here was Obama fielding a preplanned question asked by a planted questioner — from the Huffington Post.”

And there, in those two little sentences, lies the heart of my criticism about the media and Obama sycophants on the left: “Doing X is only okay when WE do it.” If you’re going to fawn and pee yourself over a politician, you don’t have ANY credibility when you accuse someone of acting that way toward someone you dislike.

Through the Looking Glass with Andrew Sullivan I’m only getting to the part about Catholicism, but this is hilarious so far. Witty, well-written, and refreshing, tough criticism with a slick, shiny veneer.

‘Gerbalists’ in the National Press Corps: “Gerbilism is an apt term for something that’s soft and warm and cuddly, safe and timid, with no sharp teeth and no bite whatsoever. Gerbilism, I’ve decided, is partly responsible for a lot of our nation’s problems today.”

What the frak is going on with the cap and trade bill? I haven’t read this yet, but the title alone suggests that it’s got to be good reading. 😉

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