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Halloween Costume DIY: Angry Birds

I’ve seen a few licensed Angry Birds costumes online this year, and while they’re cute, they’re bulky, difficult to move in, and expensive considering that you’re paying for, essentially, a giant foam sack with arm- and head-holes and an angry bird (or evil piggy) face on it.

Last year, two of my friends made their own Angry Birds costumes, and they were adorable, warm, easy to move in, and very inexpensive. Here’s what Gena said about how they made their costumes:

“The masks were a base of sunglasses from Goodwill (50c each) and craft foam ($1-2). We just glued the foam onto the sunglasses, leaving the pupils open over the lenses so we could see. The eyes of the bird and the pig we just drew and then layered the foam to make the face. The only fiddly bit was getting the angle of the beak right, but in the end it worked perfectly just gluing it to the underside of the nose groove.

From there we did a green shirt for Steve ($4 at JoAnn) and a hoodie from Goodwill for me with felt “wings.” I just split the side seams on the sleeves and inserted the felt wings, then stitched it back up. $5 total for the hoodie and felt. Then we added a few styrofoam eggs from Michael’s ($3) for the Evil Piggy. So around $15 for the pair of outfits. Can’t beat that!”

Here’s a picture of their costumes (photo by Eric):

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