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Link Dump from yesterday/this morning

Steve Jobs: Thoughts on Flash I hate Flash. It’s nice to see Steve PWN them so hard here.
Gizmodo considers suing police after iPhone raid (Cnet)
Why Reporters are Down on Obama (Politico)
Dear White House Press Pool: Stop Sucking (Daily Caller)
FAA close to setting up commercial spaceflight centers
Report: FB CEO Mark Zuckerberg doesn’t believe in privacy (Wired) I’m very unhappy with the recent facebook updates. I don’t have any interests on my profile anymore, and I intend to keep it that way.
Time 100: Jerry Holkins and Mike Krahulik I’ve been reading Penny Arcade since I was in high school, and I’m so happy to see the creators honored here.
NJ Court says Bloggers are not Journalist (Big Journalism)
A New Argument In Favor of Cameras in the Courtroom: Bloggers Suck

Round-up: Gizmodo iPhone Leak

The Tale of Apple’s Next iPhone (Gizmodo) In case you weren’t aware, Gizmodo got its hands on a new iPhone. They took it apart, took pictures, and did a comprehensive write-up covering every feature, dimension, etc.

Lost iPhone prototype spurs police probe (CNET)
Police Seize Jason Chen’s Computers (Gizmodo)
iPhone Leak Investigation on hold as DA ponders shield law defense (Tech Crunch)
Gizmodo editor’s house raided, computer seized (ZDNet)

Gizmodo’s Trade Secret Liability
Instapundit: Lame-ass CA Cops raid home of Gizmodo blogger. Interesting point of view and commentary, as well as some links.
Bloggers weigh in on whether the Gawker editor could be considered a journalist (Bloggasm)

What I’m reading today

A Plague of ‘A’ Students
Lost iPhone prototype spurs police probe
UT Acts to Preserve Free Speech on Campus
Guys, I figured out this obesity thing.
Environmentalist wants to change the name of our planet to Eaarth
A Defense of the new Obama space policy Seriously, guys, just stop talking about this for a week or so—just until after my paper is due!
A New Brown Thing You’ll Totally Eat Merlin Mann’s take on the KFC Double Down.
Gizmodo’s Trade Secret Liability Interesting read, and analysis.
43 Folders: Another Backup Lecture

Links of the Day

Should Torts Law Be Tougher on Lawyers? My Torts I professor, Prof. Long, was a guest blogger today on TortsProf Blog. Go Professor Long!

The iPad and the Future of the Legal Profession… or not This is interesting merely because it talks about all the technology this lawyer uses to stay in touch and up to date.

Space Shuttle Discovery Soars over Cinderella’s Castle at Disney World

The Menaissance: The Death of the Metrosexual and the Rise of the Retrosexual (Art of Manliness) Interesting presentation concept (5 minutes, 20 slides, 15 second automatic side changes), interesting talk, and cute speaker. 😉

Will it Blend? iPad

Barack Obama Looking at Awesome Things (flickr)

Morning Links: Legal Edition

Original Patent for Lego Mini-figure
Facebook Status Update Clears Teen from Criminal Charges (Gizmodo)
Social Networking and the New Workplace (
50 Great Blogs for and by Law Professors
Fantasy SCOTUS (This is just awesome.)
Intel to pay AMD $1.25 billion in antitrust settlement Also, they’ll have a five-year cross-license agreement to get patent rights.

And just because I’m sick of people freaking out about it:
The Truth about Wireless Phones and the National Do-Not-Call List (

A Disturbing Subpoena…

Justice Dept. Asked for News Site’s Visitor Lists (CBS News)

…but maybe—hopefully—not a disturbing precedent.

Yes, it’s troubling to think about why the DOJ wanted those visitor logs, but it’s even more disturbing to consider the precedent that would have been set had this subpoena (1) been complied with, and (2) remained secret. The Justice Department had an obvious reason for wanting to keep the subpoena secret even after it had been withdrawn—to prevent future web admins from having something to refer to.

This is an occurrence that would, no doubt, receive widespread attention on the internet if Indymedia or the EFF were allowed to mention it, and the DOJ knew it. Even if it didn’t get widespread media attention, it would still be all over websites like Digg, Reddit, and BoingBoing, where people who care about these issues (and might be subject to a similar subpoena someday) would read about it and learn what their rights would be in the same situation. Thankfully, Indymedia’s EFF lawyer challenged the unofficial gag order and this story became public. It might not prevent the DOJ from attempting to subpoena websites in the future, but now at least site admins have a precedent to rely on.

On a more fun, law school-related note, the EFF attorney objected to procedural defects in his reply to the DOJ, including improper service and the need for a judge-issued court order to obtain the logs. What a great lesson in how the rules of procedure can help or harm you. 😉

Links and more Marvel Divas

Wow, it’s been a while since I last updated, and just like the last few posts, this one isn’t going to be full of SERIOUS BUSINESS. But here’s what I’ve been looking at today:

Russian Wall-E Case Mod I.e., a Wall-E computer. The guy who made it made it from scratch, and it looks AWESOME. I would love to have one.

Transforming USB Flash Drive It looks like Ravage, the panther Transformer. I’m just waiting for the Soundwave MP3 player. 😉

25 Logos with Hidden Messages The Big Ten logo is creative and innovative—I wouldn’t have guessed that they would have gotten so savvy with a sports conference logo. The “Eight” logo is amazing too, and I really love the logo for Yoga Australia. It’s simple and makes so much sense, but is still cute, too.

Star Wars Photo: A Balanced Breakfast (flickr) The Rebel Legion tweeted this picture with the caption, “The Rebel Legion: we eat stormtroopers for breakfast.” Indeed we do. 😉

– Speaking of SW, here’s the most adorable tauntaun ever. It’s a plush tauntaun, complete with a cranky frozen Luke and a stomach zipper, so you can keep Luke warm in the cold Hoth air.

And now, some more Marvel Divas stuff:
The Joe Quesada/Marvel Divas Scandal Made Simple “You tried to give women what you thought they wanted and are now trying to ignore them as they try to tell you what they want.”

it’s not our fault we’re sexist when your tits are lookin’ us right in the eye! “Quesada claimed that Marvel is by no stretch of the imagination “sexist”, even while perpetuating the stereotype that although the Marvel Divas possess the same set of skills and share in the same adventures that the male heroes do, in order for a female audience to relate, it is necessary that their stories are reduced to conversations concerning Jimmy Choo’s and boyfriends.”

Daily Scans: Looks like Marvel Learned Their Lesson The Marvel Divas #2 cover is out, and it’s a VAST improvement from the first one, but there’s no way that it will overcome Joe Q’s insulting, appaling drivel that came in response to fans’ dislike of the first cover. The two covers can’t be compared—the women in the first cover all have the same mindless facial expressions and awkwardly-drawn bodies, while in the second cover they have attitudes that stand out from one another. Meh. If JoeQ hadn’t gone out of his way to insult the fans of these characters, the series might have done well. I don’t read many comics, but I was originally excited about this because of Black Cat. Not anymore. I hope someone comes to their senses soon and kicks Quesada’s ass out onto the curb. Comics are a novelty and a luxury item; the companies really can’t afford to alienate half of their fan base right now, and that would be a perfect opportunity and reason to get rid of him now, before he does even MORE damage.

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