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Four Days at Dragon*Con (Preview)

DCTV: ComicCon

Trek Weekend

Star Trek came out on Friday, and it is AWESOME. I saw it on IMAX and I can’t wait to see it again. It was fast-paced, exciting, and funny. There was plenty of fan service (Tribbles, original sound effects, red shirts, etc.)—and even, I think, a nod to 2001 in the design of the space suits—but the fan service wasn’t too blatant or distracting. One part seemed kind-of campy, but it was appropriate and actually made sense. (It had to do with the Red Matter.) I loved all of the characters; Chekov really stood out to me, probably because I was as excited as he was. I really liked Uhura too. And OMG Karl Urban was awesome. I knew going in that I’d probably love Kirk and Spock, and I did, but I was really happy and surprised that all of the characters stood out so much. I thought it was a great ensemble cast. Anyways, many of my frequent internet haunts have been Trek-obsessed this weekend, so here’s a taste of what I’ve been reading this weekend:

Video: LOST vs. Star Trek in Action Figures I love that the Sylar figure makes an appearance.
John Scalzi: Trek Movie Cheat Sheets There’s a haiku for every film. 😀
Great Star Trek Covers of the Past 40 Years I love the Esquire cover with the Spock Art; it looks so cool!
Science Lessons from the new Star Trek Movie (Popular Mechanics)
Newsweek Video: Quinto and Nimoy on Spock
Video: Quinto, Pine and Nimoy were on SNL last night.
Video: Artist on Artist: Star Trek I generally hate myspace, but this is actually pretty good. I’m amazed at how Zachary Quinto can contort and cross his legs like that. O.O Geeks of Doom also posts a short clip showing Pine meeting Shatner.
Why is the media trying to make ST fans look like naysaying dorks? (io9) “Not dorky,” my ass. Since when did singularities become trendy? 😉
Spock Spools Artwork of Spock made with spools of thread. It’s kind of crazy, but definitely creative.

Reviews (Beware of spoilers!)
Sam’s Review
io9’s review
Gizmodo’s review Worth clicking just for the hilarious picture of the action figures on the bridge surrounded by about 20 lens flares.
Ed Morrissey’s review at HA
Vodkapundit: Going Boldly
Star Trek: The Franchise is Back (Geeks of Doom)
Rotten Tomatoes Currently, the movie is at 96%! Yay! (Also: kind of unbelievable.)

Evening Nerdity

Girl Scouts have a Comics Badge Awesome!

2009 Star Wars Weekends Backstage Posters I have never been to a SW Weekends event, but my Dad always talks about going. I’d really love to go one day.

The Burger King …as a Klingon. (Thanks, Hofmann—you have sufficiently scarred me for life!)

Henson’s 11:

Link Dump

DNA Test Outperforms Pap Smears. Sorry girls, we’ll still have to go through that uncomfortable cervical cell sample… er, extraction procedure, but if these tests get adopted, at least we’ll have to endure them less often.

The Gateway to Astronaut Photography of Earth. I haven’t looked at this extensively yet, but what I have seen looks awesome. (Joe and I finished When We Left Earth this weekend, so I still have space on the brain. ^_^ And yeah, I cried a little. Several times.)

My Cousin-in-Law will compete in “The Next Food Network Star.” The show starts June 7th. Cheer her on! ^_^

When Twitter is Down. Because it has been lately. A lot. (I’ve seen the Fail Whale more in the past two days than I have in the past four months or so.)

No634: Blawg of a University of Minnesota 1L. In spite of the use of footnotes and the horrible layout, this is an excellent blog. It’s well-written, funny, and so familiar to me. It’s reassuring that other 1Ls are dealing with the same issues, annoyances, and nerdy law-related puns that I am. It’s also interesting to see how different his schedule is compared to mine… Wow!

– Last night, some fans in Austin, TX got to see the new Star Trek movie, and, as io9 said, it exploded into a “Giant Trekgasm.” The reviews are all pretty great so far, which makes me even more excited about the film. (As with SW, I grew up watching TNG, DS9, and Voyager with my Dad. I’m not just looking forward to the new film because of the pretty boys. Nyah :P)

– This past weekend, Markos Moulitsas took advantage of the shooting in Pennsylvania to joke about it and blame it on conservatives. And the Internet kind of exploded a little. Seriously, I was offline for most of the weekend and I came back and had a TON of stuff to catch up on. Jimmie has a good rebuttal for people blowing Kos off as a “fringe commentator.” (Summary: He’s not, but Jimmie is eloquent and insightful, so you should see what he has to say.)

Me? I think that what he said was not only grossly inaccurate, it was also disgustingly exploitative of the tragedies that occurred in Pennsylvania and in Binghamton, NY. All of the aforementioned (aforelinked?) bloggers nicely sum it up—no need for me to expound at length and tell you my thoughts on yaoi Kos.

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