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Splicer 1.0

I debuted my Splicer at ConNooga last weekend. It was fairly well-received, especially in the group we had. Our group consisted of two bunny Thuggish splicers, a bird-masked Leadhead splicer, and Andrew Ryan; it was fantastic.

Here’s a picture of mine:

(Photo by Donnie Sinclair)

One of my friends picked up the dress for me at Goodwill. I spray-painted it in places to make it look dingy, cut the hem and put holes in the dress, and then blood-spattered it at the same time as I did my mask. Here’s a close-up of my finished mask.

Overall, I’m very happy with this costume. I’d like to make hooks to carry so that I can be a Spider Splicer, and I need to find some more comfortable shoes, but those aren’t major changes. I can’t believe I’m done with a costume and it’s only February!

Work in Progress: Splicer Mask

When Maria gave me the mask, it was plain white. Her boyfriend, AP, explained to me the process they went through to modify the mask before giving it to me.

They found the mask at Wal-Mart; apparently it was a “sexy bunny” Halloween mask that was covered in glitter and feathers and all sorts of atrocious stuff. After that, AP says, “Maria ripped off the fur and drew where the cuts need to be made on the ears and mouth to make it look like a splicer. We trimmed the mask, cut off the whiskers, spray painted it with 3 coats of Bulldog Adhesion Promoter (makes paint stick to plastic) and then spray painted it with 3 coats of white paint to cover the sparkles.”

Bulldog is amazing stuff. I’ve used it to cover plastic shower curtain rings so that I could paint them to match the links on the Leia chain that came with Jamin’s kit, and I used it a couple weekends ago on the belt buckle and buttons of my Splicer dress so that I could paint them to look dirty.

Anyways. After I got my mask I started looking for some reference photos of the Splicers, and I stumbled upon a great picture showing the variations of the Splicer’s masks. I decided to make the mask with silver embellishments, and then I free-handed the design onto the mask with pencil. Once I had all the swirls the way I liked them, I drew over them with a Silver Poster Paint pen. This is what my mask looked like after that:

Because the characters in the game appear to have three-dimensional embellishments, I paint over the silver lines with puff paint. Amazingly, Tulip fabric paint stuck right onto the mask and had the perfect tip to make the lines I needed. The only thing I have left to do is to paint the border of the mask with the puff paint so it matches the rest of the embellishments, adjust the elastic band in the back, and splatter the mask with blood.

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