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Arizona State University’s law school establishes law firm for recent graduates

To Place Graduates, Law Schools Are Opening Firms (New York Times)

Arizona State University has created a law firm for graduates who can’t find jobs in the horrible law school job market. The story said that the Dean wanted to follow a model like a teaching hospital, and I think it’s a good idea, especially for students who didn’t get a chance to take a clinic in law school. Of course, something like this will pad law school employment stats (and I suspect that was a big factor for creating this firm,) but I think it will help young lawyers, so I can’t see it as a bad thing.

Juris Doctor!

Picture of me after my law school graduation and hooding. May 13, 2011.

Is it worth it?

I’m in the middle of filling out a Character and Fitness Application for the GA Bar, and I’m gobsmacked at how much of a money racket this is. Now, I’ve always felt like law school was a money racket, but most of those costs are extraneous and avoidable. Paying for the Bar, however, is mandatory, and having to drop so much money at once is discouraging and irritating.

In the past week, I have paid:
– $200 deposit for Bar Review classes (which will cost $2500 total!)
– $50 for copies of my birth certificate

More upcoming fees include:
– $50 for fingerprints for one of the state bars
– $500 to submit my Character and Fitness Application
– $80 “notice of intent” that I’m going to apply for the TN Bar, and all the other trappings of that application, including a $100 laptop fee so that I don’t have to hand-write all those essays.

I’m definitely keeping track of all of these costs, but I’m going to go on and estimate that the GA Bar, including the review classes, ends up costing me at least $4000.

So the big question is: Is it worth it? I’ve got close to $100,000 in debt and NO job prospects. I want to move to Atlanta, which has a bigger job market, but I can’t afford to relocate. At this point, it definitely doesn’t seem worth it. I’m terrified about the idea of graduating and having nothing to do and nowhere to go but home to my parents’ house.

I feel like all of these fees are HUGE barriers to entry into the profession. I realistically can’t afford $4000 per bar exam, but I have to be willing to fork it all out because otherwise I’m $100,000 in debt for a degree I’m not even using. And I want to use my law degree. I want to do IP law, and affect public policy, and, yes, make some money so I can pay off my debt and fund my hobbies. I just don’t want to go bankrupt before I even get my license, and the more I pay for fingerprints, background checks, and application fees, the more I worry about that.

Law School was pretty much the same in 1900

Student goes insane during Con Law final, Dies from “Overstudy” (Josh Blackman’s Blog)

This is hilarious. Con Law is my last exam this semester—and instead of studying, I think I’m just going to practice yelling “Constitutional Law!” and passing out at will.

National Champs!

Congratulations to UT’s Patent Law Moot Court Team. They won Nationals last weekend. Way to go, guys!

Links of the Day

Should Torts Law Be Tougher on Lawyers? My Torts I professor, Prof. Long, was a guest blogger today on TortsProf Blog. Go Professor Long!

The iPad and the Future of the Legal Profession… or not This is interesting merely because it talks about all the technology this lawyer uses to stay in touch and up to date.

Space Shuttle Discovery Soars over Cinderella’s Castle at Disney World

The Menaissance: The Death of the Metrosexual and the Rise of the Retrosexual (Art of Manliness) Interesting presentation concept (5 minutes, 20 slides, 15 second automatic side changes), interesting talk, and cute speaker. 😉

Will it Blend? iPad

Barack Obama Looking at Awesome Things (flickr)

Put This On

My ex got me addicted to Put This On, which is a series about “Dressing Like a Grown-Up.” It’s a show and a site for men, but it’s still interesting and, sometimes, helpful. Their style is a good mix of polished casual and sometimes more formal stuff, with LOTS of vintage pieces. The first episode of the show/podcast is on denim, and it’s awesome. Overall, it’s nice to see some guys giving out good fashion advice—and having a unique sense of style while doing it.

Anyways, someone recently asked them a question about what to wear to his Barrister’s Ball, and this quote made me laugh:

For those who aren’t in the know, the Barrister’s Ball is like the prom, but for people who have made the catastrophic life choice of studying the law.”

Indeed, PTO. Indeed.

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