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Soy Joy

Went to Nama in Bearden today with Julie for lunch. They have the best lunch special–$8 for soup, salad, and a roll/entree off of a special lunch menu. I got a Soy Joy, which was a special, off-menu roll for a long time. It’s soooo tasty.

Favorite Knoxville Places

I’ve got a friend coming in town this weekend, and I’m looking for things to do that are unique to Knoxville. I’ve lived here since ’04 but I still don’t know everything this city has to offer. I’m planning on taking him to Nama and Market Square (he enjoyed Market Square when he was here last summer), but I don’t really have plans beyond that as of now. So I’m asking for suggestions! Do you have a favorite restaurant, park, or thing to do in town? Let me know in the comments. And thanks for your help! 😀

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