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Happy Place: Benefits of Wearing a Banana Suit

Can’t argue with that! Bananas are good. XD

Simplicity Halloween Pattern Sale

Simplicity is having a huge sale on Halloween costume patterns! They’re all currently $5–I may have to pick up a few myself. The sale ends tonight, so hurry!

Last-Minute Halloween Costume Ideas (for Women or Girls)

Halloween is in less than a week. If you’re still looking for a costume, here are a few ideas that you can pull off relatively quickly and easily:

I’m thinking here about the denim skirt and t-shirt version, not the body suit or Michael Turner version, both of which would be more complicated. For the former, all you really need is a jean mini-skirt, a Superman T-Shirt (you could even use a white t-shirt and print out an iron-of of the Shield, or draw it on yourself), and a short cape.

Hello Kitty
There were some girls dressed as Hello Kitty at GMX, and they were adorable. They wore a headband with white ears and red bow—I saw these at Hot Topic, and they are, actually, “Hello Kitty” ears—with a white t-shirt and red mini-skirts (with suspenders, I think?) that looked similar to something from Forever 21—an elastic waistband and a basic red skirt. If you don’t want to go the skirt route, a little red dress would work. I believe they drew on whiskers and may have colored their noses black to look more cat-like, too.

Wonder Girl
Wonder Girl may not be as recognizable as other characters, but it’s still a good costume. The costume is: a pair of jeans (with red stars on the side—optional when you’re in a crunch); a red tank top with a gold breastplate (you can probably make this with yellow or gold craft foam); silver arm bracers; red star earrings; and, of course, a lasso.

This costume isn’t particularly “sexy” or slutty, but it would be comfy and warm, and you could get a tank top that shows your midriff if you’re really concerned about being sexy on Halloween. If that’s still not enough, you could go the Ame-Comi Route: Red Bra Top, Blue Star-Spangled Bikini Bottom, and jeans cut into chaps.

Merlotte’s Waitress

Hot Topic had this entire costume in-store and online. The only thing you really need is the white Merlotte’s t-shirt. I’d say that you need the apron, too, but that’s not really key compared to the t-shirt. Just like Supergirl, you can find the Merlotte’s logo online and print it out on an iron-on if you don’t want to shell out $20 for a t-shirt. (One of my friends made her shirt last year, and it looked awesome.)

Other than the shirt and apron, you need some short-shorts (and I’d recommend beige tights if you’re concerned about being cold or having that much leg showing—it works for the Hooters girls, after all) and accessories. You could get a fanny pack like Arlene, fangs like Jessica, a bandanna to wear around your neck like Sookie, or you could just draw on some big bite marks. Be creative!

Little Black Dress Costumes

Do you have a black cocktail dress or gown? That’s a great base for a lot of costumes.
– Audrey Hepburn/Holly Golightly: Add a big hat, big sunglasses, pearls, and/or black opera-length gloves (any combination of them, really) and you’ve got a recognizable Holly Golightly from Breakfast at Tiffany’s
– A mom I follow on Twitter made her daughter a flapper costume from a black cocktail dress, a long prop cigarette holder, and a feather boa. It was adorable.
– A black long-sleeve dress, combined with some black tights and braided pigtails, could be Wednesday Addams.
– Witch: Get (or make!) a witch hat, maybe some striped tights and some kind of accessory (wand/cat/crystal ball/broomstick etc.) Be creative—do a search for witch costumes, pin-up art, or specific characters and see which elements appeal to you.

How-To: DIY Lady Gaga costume

According to my blog stats, a lot of people want to make Lady Gaga costumes, and a lot of you are finding your way here because I made my disco bra and talked about making my Gaga costume. I haven’t blogged in nearly a month, and it’s October, which makes this post a little Halloweeny, I guess.

Okay. Before I get down to the specifics for Gaga, here are some basic tips applicable to any costuming project:

1. Set a budget. Costuming is my hobby, and therefore, I spend a significant amount of money on my costumes. But not everyone wants to spend a lot of money on a Halloween costume that they’ll only wear once, even though most adult Halloween costumes that I’ve seen cost around $30-$50. But anyways. Set a budget and stick to it. I know people who have found amazing costume pieces at Goodwill. And raid your own closet–you might find something that you can use. (For example, I’m going to be Abby from NCIS for Halloween, and I already had a t-shirt, boots, and all the accessories. I just had to buy a lab coat and a skirt.)

2. Do some research. Looking for screencaps and pictures of your costume from multiple angles will help you plan it out. Once you have some pictures, break your costume down into pieces. It’ll create a road map to help with construction and make the entire process less intimidating. Looking for tutorials or forums where you can ask questions is also helpful—others may have had some spectacular mishaps that you can learn from, and general how-tos can help you save time (and money!)

3. Make a plan. Do you want your costume to be totally accurate? Do you want to put your own spin on a costume or do an “inspired by”/femme/male version of a particular look? Write or sketch it out. I have a sketch book that I use to make lists and draw stuff out. (I’ve been meaning to print out screencaps and glue them in so that I can make notes directly onto an image, but I haven’t done that yet.)

Okay, onto Gaga.

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