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I love my nerdy IP professor!

My IP/International IP professor uses PowerPoint for lectures, and after we finish a topic he posts them online. His IP slides are Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy-themed and the IIP stuff is Harry Potter-themed. So far we have the Hitchhiker’s Guide to Trade Secrets, The Patent at the End of the Universe, IIP and the Introduction Stone, and IIP and the Chamber of Patents. These titles amuse me to no end—he’s definitely one of my favorite professors here. (Honestly, I don’t know if any of the profs I have in the future will out-awesome and out-geek the professors I have this semester. They’re all fantastic.) And while I shouldn’t be all that surprised—this is the professor who gave a talk about IP from a Harry Potter perspective last year—honestly, it makes me like those classes just a little bit more.

Also, how sad is it that slide filenames brighten my day? Oh law school.

Edit: At the end of Land Finance, our professor gave us a big handout of e-mails from A-students with their study tips (as well as self-admitted weaknesses!) Like I said above, my professors this semester are fantastic.

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