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Four Days at Dragon*Con (Preview)

Lucas loses copyright appeal over TK helmets

Times Online: Lucas loses Copyright Appeal…

(For all you non-nerds, a TK is a Stormtrooper. As in, “TK-421, why aren’t you at your post?”)

“[T]he Court of Appeal agreed that even though Mr Ainsworth did not own the design, he had not broken any British law because his creations were not art.”

According to the story, Lucas sued in California, got a default judgment against Ainsworth for $20 million, and tried, unsuccessfully, to enforce it in Britain. The British Court of Appeal said that the helmets weren’t sculpture or art (which would have been protectable under copyright,) they were industrial designs, which are only protectable for 15 years.

I think Lucasfilm is right that this could create a new precedent in England for propmakers and costumers to make and sell props that have fallen into the public domain. “Dr. Who” is a perfect example because it’s been on the air for decades. It’ll be interesting to see if the British Supreme Court reverses the COA in order to protect British film- and prop-makers. I wonder if it’s relevant that Ainsworth was commissioned to make the original helmets for the film—or if he realizes that there are a other guys with molds who can capitalize off of this decision. Ainsworth might not have as much of a niche market as he thinks, and since he’s successfully fought to have these helmets be in the public domain, he can’t really argue that he should be able to copyright them.

I have to say, though, that anyone saying that the helmet and armor have a “‘utilitarian’ rather than artistic purpose”—as the Justices did here—has obviously never worn either of them. 😉

Nerdy Links

One of these days I’ll do more “SERIOUS BUSINESS” blogging, but until now, here are some cool links I’ve found in the couple of days:

10 Female Characters that would Kick Your Face In I heartily approve of their #1 choice. 😉

“Bound for Feminism” Lecture Will Focus on Wonder Woman I wish I could have taken a class on Women in Comics when I was in undergrad! This lecture seems really interesting, and makes me wish I could go. If only Richmond wasn’t so far away.

Seek and Speak These are some amazing retro/mod-styled movie posters. I saw a link to them on io9 but thought I’d give the direct link instead.

25 Magnificent Modern-Day Movie Illustrations I love the ones that look like book covers.

Eric Tan Art Eric Tan works for Disney (yes? I think?) and has done some awesome LOST and Up posters. Also, check out his Tiki-Stitch!

DCTV: ComicCon

Newsarama: Girls and Fandom

Or, “Newsarama says what I’ve been saying since Mary Jane bent over the laundry basket and showed us her thong.” (But that subject wouldn’t fit up there…)

Read the whole thing, but notice this part:

Over the years, I’ve grown exceptionally good at navigating comic shops and the varied reactions of the employees/owners. And I remember each clerk who was condescending, who was rude, and I took my money elsewhere…

So, con-goers and fans, think about all of this when you’re at SDCC and you roll your eyes at the squealing teenage girls (and trust me, I don’t like listening to squealing either). Those girls have money and just as much right to be there as you do. And it couldn’t hurt to be nice to them.

That dovetails nicely with my Con Questions post, in which I talked about the importance of a dealer’s reputation, as well as my post on the sexist goings-on during ComicCon, in which I (again) talk about female fans and disposable income.

I’m getting really, really sick of people bitching about the Twilight fans at SDCC. I’m glad I’m not in San Diego, because if I was, I know some obnoxious fanboy would get a crotch full of Catwoman motorcycle boot if he so much as sniffed at a TwiFan in front of me. I am by no means a fan of Meyer’s creation, but the douchebags complaining that those young women don’t belong there need to put their big boy pants on and get over it, cause chances are, other people bitched about their beloved fandoms in the same way at one time or another, too. It’s gotten to the point that if you bitch about Twilight fans at SDCC I’m automatically assuming that you’re afraid of lady parts because you’re not complaining about the franchise, you’re complaining about the fans. And eventually, that kind of behavior—complaining about the women at “your” con—is going to make women feel so unwelcome that the only costumer who will show up for the Slave Leia shoot at the con will be this guy. (And if that happens, fanboys, you fucking earned and deserve it.)

Today’s Links

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A Proper Obituary: Neda’s Relatives Remember Her to the L.A. Times (Hot Air)

The Art of the Title Sequence: Wall-E
‘Battlestar Galactica’: Beyond Background Music (NPR)
As Blogs are Censored, It’s Kittens to the Rescue (NYT)
Fangirl Icons are Ruining Star Trek (Fandom Wank)
ONTD_Trek Party They’re having a party at ontd_startrek. The macros are glorious.

ComicCon: No Girls Allowed!

In case you hadn’t heard, IGN posted a contest in which only men ages 17-24 were eligible. The irony of the contest is that it’s to promote District 9, a film about aliens landing on Earth and being forced into internment camps—basically, they’re discriminating to promote a film about how bad it is to discriminate against others. *facepalm*

To add insult to injury, the Los Angeles Times posted a “Girl’s Guide to ComicCon,” the focus of which was basically, “HAY GIRLS! THERE ARE GOING TO BE HOT GUYS AT COMICCON!!!!” It actually included this: “Women will be rushing the stage, offering to do star Jake Gyllenhaal’s laundry on those washboard abs that he acquired for the film, since he spends much of it fighting, shirtless or both.” Because you know how much geek girls enjoy doing laundry. (Especially in our pearls.)

io9 has a great post on the contest and the LA Times article, which really isn’t worth linking because of how useless it is.

Female sci-fi, fantasy, comic, video game, etc. fans have been ignored and insulted for a long time and frankly, we’re sick of it. We have just as much disposable income as men do and our money is worth as much as theirs is, so what’s up with ignoring us or treating us like ignorant fangirls who are only here for teh hot boys? I’ve been going to cons for about three years now, and I see plenty of women there who go for many different reasons. And while one of those reasons may be to go to panels, it usually isn’t to cry over men and ask to do their laundry.

And do they really want to pretend that guys don’t go to cons to ogle girls in costume or to drool over hot female celebrities? Do I really need to bring up the (insulting, untrue) stereotypes of geeky men who live with their moms and are terrified of women? Guys should be standing up for their female geek counterparts here, too. I’m more than happy to beat down stereotypes about awkward geeky guys, but I’d be even happier to do so if they’d stick up for geeky girls sometimes. Modern media and society try to drive wedges between us, but imagine what we could do if we would stick up for each other and get along!

The LA Times article made me feel stabbity beyond belief, but at least I found some good links about it:
When Fangirls Attack
Geek Girls: A Guide that’s Actually Helpful
Like abs? Like laundry? You’ll love Comic Con!
An Open Letter to the L.A. Times from a Geek Girl Best (off-topic) quote of this post: “I don’t want to be Bella. I read the bio on your blog that you have a passion for Twilight. That’s great. For myself, I can’t understand why any woman in her right mind would want to be an emo, sexually frustrated teen with a boyfriend who won’t put out.” WIN.

If any of you are going to ComicCon, I would suggest looking for bloggers who have actually been there (or to other cons) for survival tips. And also, I want to see pictures afterward. Lots and lots of pictures.

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