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Dragon*Con 2010

My pictures are up on Flickr. I didn’t take many at all, but there are pictures of my two new big costumes—Dr. Girlfriend and She-Hulk.

Had a fantastic year, as always. It was probably one of the best ever, though. I spent about as much time in costume as I did out of costume, didn’t stress out about making (or missing) panels, and just had fun. Saw just about everyone I wanted to see on Thursday, which is pretty impressive considering that about 40,000 people attend each year. Highlights of the con include, in no particular order:

– Being upgraded to the Ambassador Suite in the Marriott.
– My roommate, Julie, winning the Venture Brothers Costume Contest at the VB party. (Seriously, her Lady Ward/Female Guild member costume turned out awesome.)
– Coming home with a new boyfriend. (Squee!) (And to be fair, we’d been dating since May, so it’s not like I left single and came home taken. :P)
– All the awesome costumes and props—including H.E.L.P.e.R from Venture Bros, Fat Princesses (complete with cake!), a large group of Ironettes, Russell from Pixar’s Up, Weeping Angels from Dr. Who, and, of course, the Spartans.
– Hula-hooping for hours with some of my best friends.
– Wearing green body paint for 5 hours.
– Getting a Utilikilt for my boyfriend for his birthday.
– 35 people in my room watching the Masquerade

I absolutely can’t wait until next year. Here are some other resources for photos and information about this year’s con:
Derek Deweese has some fantastic photos.
– Geeks of Doom did features on Avengers Cosplay and hot girls (part 2) and guys in costume.
Dragon*Con in 3-D (flickr) You have to have the red and blue glasses for the 3D effects to work, but they look awesome!
– And, of course, searching flickr for “dragoncon2010” will get you thousands of results.

Real Life Update: Progress

Finished my Gaga costume, except for straightening the wig and trimming the bangs.

Dr. Girlfriend is coming along, too. Today I removed the collar from my version 1 dress and attached it to the new dress. That means that I can add the zipper later this week (ugh. I hate zippers) and finish the costume. 😀

Made a collar for my catsuit. It’s a nightmare. I say “It is” and not “It was” because it’s still not finished. I worked on it for well over an hour last night. I just need to make sure that it’s firmly attached, fix the front, and attach hooks and eyes to keep it closed. It’ll be nice finally having my neck covered in my Catwoman costume. ^_^ Still want a new catsuit though, but that’ll probably be a project for next year.

Haven’t started my She-Hulk mock-up yet, or Knuckledragger 2.0. Gotta get She-Hulk done before I go to Nashville, though, and Knuckledragger will probably be easy since it’s a re-make. Also need to order body make-up, another pair of tights, and gloves for She-Hulk. I think that’s the last bit of costume stuff I need to buy for D*C.

I’ve been more or less keeping up with P90X. Didn’t do yoga this week, but I worked out every day. Went to T-RECS with Julie and did cardio for an hour, which was a nice change of scenery, so I think I’ll try to get in a habit of doing that. My biggest obstacles are mental. There’s no way in hell I can do a one-armed push-up right now (or possibly, ever), but I at least have to try, and getting over the mental challenge of it has been the hardest thing so far. It’s hard to overcome wanting to quit. But then I remind myself that I’m going to have to wear a leotard at D*C, and that usually keeps me going. ^_^

Project: Wig Dyeing

I ordered and received my She-Hulk wig a couple of weeks ago, and last weekend I attempted to dye it. I read some tutorials on on how to make dye out of Sharpies and Rubbing Alcohol. The whole process was surprisingly easy and turned out well.

Here are the results:

It doesn’t look quite so saturated in person, but I’m really happy with it. I’m going to compare it to the tights before I decide whether to do another round of dye.

In the thick of con season

72 days until Dragon*Con, and I’ve slowly been working on some of my costumes. I got two wigs this week—She-Hulk and Lady Gaga—and I’m waiting for just one more (for Dr. Girlfriend.)

I started P90X again last week, and actually made it through the first week. I’m not doing Kenpo—I’d rather hula-hoop for a few hours than do Kenpo—but I’m doing everything else. It’s not a workout program that I think I could do during the school year (an hour to an hour and a half a day is a LOT of time), but I’ve got time over this summer, so why not? Jason Heilpern, a fellow geek and Dragon*Con attendee, is actually taking stories over on his blog about working out to get in shape for cons. You can find his blog here.

Anyways, here are some progress pictures. The first is my She-Hulk wig (which I’m going to try to dye a bit darker), and the second is the progress of my Lady Gaga costume.

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Happy Spring Break

I’m nearing the end of my Spring Break, and I realize that I haven’t blogged here in a long time. (I have, however, been making and posting LJ icons over there. Heh.) So since I last wrote…

– I’ve added yet another costume to my list for this year: Zoe Graystone from Caprica:

I’ve found a pattern that will probably work, but it would be nice if I could just find the actual dress somewhere.

– I started (and have almost finished) Spring Break. I’ve done a lot of shopping but not a lot of homework. Oh well, it’s been fun.
– I got a job as a Research Assistant doing research on the way that courts use (and don’t use) technology. I’ve got some stuff due in about a month, so I need to get busy.
– I started playing Bioshock 2. I haven’t gotten very far, though.

So yeah. This weekend I’m heading to Nashville for a wedding. And next weekend I’m heading to Indy for a Roller Derby Troop. PLUS I have my Space Law paper to work on. I’m going to be busy!

Anyways. Here’s some linkspam:
Edison’s EULA (h/t Joe)
Merlin Mann talks about the Motion Picture Patent Company (h/t Joe)
Michael Emerson’s 1992 Prison Training Video I’m not entirely convinced that this isn’t some LOST ARG thing…


Spent last weekend in Chattanooga at ConNooga, which was held at the Choo Choo. I went to a couple panels—a fashion show and a concert—and had a great time. I got to see a lot of my friends and got to play with my new LED hula hoop. I also finished my disco bra, so I hula-hooped in that.

Derek took some fantastic pictures (as always), including some long exposure shots of me with my hula hoop. Go check them out.

New Projects

I’ve been busy since this past weekend…

Saturday I made my LED hula hoop. It’s awesome. My friend Derek took some long-exposure pictures, which he posted on facebook. I’ve also got a video that’s on YouTube. (It and some pictures are below.)

Last night I started working on the Disco Bra Top for my “Just Dance” Lady Gaga costume. I finished half of it in about 3 hours, so I’m hoping I can finish the rest of it up tonight after I pack for ConNooga.

Anyway, pictures and video below.
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