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Gideon Sundback’s Birthday!

Google has a nifty doodle today for Gideon Sundback, the inventor of the zipper. Today would be his 132nd birthday.

Google Patents has, of course, posted his patent for a separable fastener.

And here’s an IBN post that explains how zippers work: How the Gideon Sundback Zipper works

Zippers are so helpful, even if they are a pain to insert into clothing. Zippers and set-in sleeves are two of the most aggravating things I’ve had to deal with in my sewing. But I suppose I’d rather struggle with zippers than have to make button holes…

Simplicity Halloween Pattern Sale

Simplicity is having a huge sale on Halloween costume patterns! They’re all currently $5–I may have to pick up a few myself. The sale ends tonight, so hurry!

Halloween Costume DIY: Angry Birds

I’ve seen a few licensed Angry Birds costumes online this year, and while they’re cute, they’re bulky, difficult to move in, and expensive considering that you’re paying for, essentially, a giant foam sack with arm- and head-holes and an angry bird (or evil piggy) face on it.

Last year, two of my friends made their own Angry Birds costumes, and they were adorable, warm, easy to move in, and very inexpensive. Here’s what Gena said about how they made their costumes:

“The masks were a base of sunglasses from Goodwill (50c each) and craft foam ($1-2). We just glued the foam onto the sunglasses, leaving the pupils open over the lenses so we could see. The eyes of the bird and the pig we just drew and then layered the foam to make the face. The only fiddly bit was getting the angle of the beak right, but in the end it worked perfectly just gluing it to the underside of the nose groove.

From there we did a green shirt for Steve ($4 at JoAnn) and a hoodie from Goodwill for me with felt “wings.” I just split the side seams on the sleeves and inserted the felt wings, then stitched it back up. $5 total for the hoodie and felt. Then we added a few styrofoam eggs from Michael’s ($3) for the Evil Piggy. So around $15 for the pair of outfits. Can’t beat that!”

Here’s a picture of their costumes (photo by Eric):

AWA Costume Plans

Tentative Costumes for AWA:

Friday: Black Gold Saw
Friday Night: Menace (?)
Saturday: Dr. Girlfriend
Sunday: Comfy clothes! (Maybe bring “Miracle Day” Gwen, or just the jacket since I’m too big for the skinny jeans…)

Brandi, Bill, and Jimmy are doing the cosplay contest on Saturday, so I figure I can wear Dr. Girlfriend then since it’s easy to put on by myself and I don’t really need a handler when I wear it. (I’m still so mad at myself for not wearing it last year when the voice actor for Dean Venture was a guest!)

My goal is to wear the BGS for a long time. Like, longer than an hour and a half. I wish I had the crazy shoes made, because they’d be giant platforms instead of the wedges I have, and they would be way more comfortable. And no Setora for Menace at AWA. I’m beginning to suspect that it’ll never get started, let alone finished. 😦

Dragon*Con Pictures

Dragon*Con was awesome, as usual. And except for not having my staff for Menace, my costumes got finished. Had a minor malfunction––-one of the jewels popped off of my top—but you can barely tell in pictures. XD

The highlight of my weekend was having Felicia Day, Amy Okuda, and Robin Thorsen from The Guild take pictures of a costume group I was in! They posed for a picture with us, too, and were so sweet and lovely.

Link to my Flickr set is here: Dragon*Con 2011

It’s public right now, and it’ll likely stay public until Flickr pervs start adding pictures of my friends as favorites. (Ew.)

My friend, Derek Deweese, has some better, more interesting pictures at his site. He used the Jarvie Window effect/technique to take over 400 portraits. You can see those here: The Dragon*Con 2011 Jarvie Window Experience

MTAC Photoshoot: Black Rock Shooter Group

My friend Derek took a bunch of pictures of our BRS group at MTAC. You can see his pictures on his website.

98 days until Dragon*Con! I need to start working on all the alterations I need to make to my Black Gold Saw costume!

Black Gold Saw, Version 1.

MTAC was last weekend, and so I debuted version 1 of my Black Gold Saw costume:

I’m glad I wore it at this con first—it helped me figure out what worked and what I need to fix for Dragon*Con. My knee/thigh armor fell apart because the glaze I used never cured, but at least I knew that it would be a temporary set for MTAC only. My thigh-highs started to fall, too—I taped them up, but it was hot outside, so I think the adhesive stopped working because I was sweating a little. I still have to make claws for the hands, too… so yeah, I’m still not done with it but know where I need to make changes and additions.

Overall, though, I loved wearing the costume. I can’t wait to wear it again. The group got a great response. I’m so glad that Brandi and Katrina invited me to do this costume group with them. I’m really looking forward to D*C now, when I’ll have a fully-functional, not falling apart version of this costume. 😀

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