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AWA Costume Plans

Tentative Costumes for AWA:

Friday: Black Gold Saw
Friday Night: Menace (?)
Saturday: Dr. Girlfriend
Sunday: Comfy clothes! (Maybe bring “Miracle Day” Gwen, or just the jacket since I’m too big for the skinny jeans…)

Brandi, Bill, and Jimmy are doing the cosplay contest on Saturday, so I figure I can wear Dr. Girlfriend then since it’s easy to put on by myself and I don’t really need a handler when I wear it. (I’m still so mad at myself for not wearing it last year when the voice actor for Dean Venture was a guest!)

My goal is to wear the BGS for a long time. Like, longer than an hour and a half. I wish I had the crazy shoes made, because they’d be giant platforms instead of the wedges I have, and they would be way more comfortable. And no Setora for Menace at AWA. I’m beginning to suspect that it’ll never get started, let alone finished. 😦

MTAC Photoshoot: Black Rock Shooter Group

My friend Derek took a bunch of pictures of our BRS group at MTAC. You can see his pictures on his website.

98 days until Dragon*Con! I need to start working on all the alterations I need to make to my Black Gold Saw costume!

Black Gold Saw, Version 1.

MTAC was last weekend, and so I debuted version 1 of my Black Gold Saw costume:

I’m glad I wore it at this con first—it helped me figure out what worked and what I need to fix for Dragon*Con. My knee/thigh armor fell apart because the glaze I used never cured, but at least I knew that it would be a temporary set for MTAC only. My thigh-highs started to fall, too—I taped them up, but it was hot outside, so I think the adhesive stopped working because I was sweating a little. I still have to make claws for the hands, too… so yeah, I’m still not done with it but know where I need to make changes and additions.

Overall, though, I loved wearing the costume. I can’t wait to wear it again. The group got a great response. I’m so glad that Brandi and Katrina invited me to do this costume group with them. I’m really looking forward to D*C now, when I’ll have a fully-functional, not falling apart version of this costume. 😀

Splicer 1.0

I debuted my Splicer at ConNooga last weekend. It was fairly well-received, especially in the group we had. Our group consisted of two bunny Thuggish splicers, a bird-masked Leadhead splicer, and Andrew Ryan; it was fantastic.

Here’s a picture of mine:

(Photo by Donnie Sinclair)

One of my friends picked up the dress for me at Goodwill. I spray-painted it in places to make it look dingy, cut the hem and put holes in the dress, and then blood-spattered it at the same time as I did my mask. Here’s a close-up of my finished mask.

Overall, I’m very happy with this costume. I’d like to make hooks to carry so that I can be a Spider Splicer, and I need to find some more comfortable shoes, but those aren’t major changes. I can’t believe I’m done with a costume and it’s only February!

Arc Attack: Doctor Who Theme (Chattacon 2011)

Arc Attack performs songs from Tron: Legacy (Chattacon 2011)

Last weekend was Chattacon, a nice little first con of the year. Arc Attack performed, and like last year, they debuted some new devices and songs this year. One of their new songs was a mash-up of “The Grid” and “Derezzed” from the Tron: Legacy soundtrack. It was incredible! Here’s a video of their performance:

Dragon*Con 2010

My pictures are up on Flickr. I didn’t take many at all, but there are pictures of my two new big costumes—Dr. Girlfriend and She-Hulk.

Had a fantastic year, as always. It was probably one of the best ever, though. I spent about as much time in costume as I did out of costume, didn’t stress out about making (or missing) panels, and just had fun. Saw just about everyone I wanted to see on Thursday, which is pretty impressive considering that about 40,000 people attend each year. Highlights of the con include, in no particular order:

– Being upgraded to the Ambassador Suite in the Marriott.
– My roommate, Julie, winning the Venture Brothers Costume Contest at the VB party. (Seriously, her Lady Ward/Female Guild member costume turned out awesome.)
– Coming home with a new boyfriend. (Squee!) (And to be fair, we’d been dating since May, so it’s not like I left single and came home taken. :P)
– All the awesome costumes and props—including H.E.L.P.e.R from Venture Bros, Fat Princesses (complete with cake!), a large group of Ironettes, Russell from Pixar’s Up, Weeping Angels from Dr. Who, and, of course, the Spartans.
– Hula-hooping for hours with some of my best friends.
– Wearing green body paint for 5 hours.
– Getting a Utilikilt for my boyfriend for his birthday.
– 35 people in my room watching the Masquerade

I absolutely can’t wait until next year. Here are some other resources for photos and information about this year’s con:
Derek Deweese has some fantastic photos.
– Geeks of Doom did features on Avengers Cosplay and hot girls (part 2) and guys in costume.
Dragon*Con in 3-D (flickr) You have to have the red and blue glasses for the 3D effects to work, but they look awesome!
– And, of course, searching flickr for “dragoncon2010” will get you thousands of results.

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