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Upcoming Costumes 2011

I know we’re two weeks in, but Happy New Year! I’m trying to come up with an overall theme or direction for this blog, but until I can figure something out, I’ll just keep posting a hodge-podge of stuff.

Here’s what I hope to start working on soon:
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DCTV: ComicCon

What I’m reading today

Adam Hughes’s “Women of DC” Poster Yeah, this is a semi-old picture, but I absolutely LOVE it. And this is a really cool page about the progress and changes of the piece. (Frankly, I’m shocked that Harley and Ivy were originally on there but Selina Kyle wasn’t. Catwoman has been a DC staple for decades! Of course, I might be a little biased…)

Jennifer Loven, AP, and Jake Tapper, ABC Confront Gibbs about the $100 in Spending Cuts “$100 million is a lot but $8 billion is small?” I love Jake Tapper. (He has a transcript on his own site, here.)

Crimes suspected in 20 bailout cases — for starters This is what happens when your legislators lack foresight. Or basic reading comprehension and critical thinking skills.

Caprica, the Battlestar spin-off prequel, comes out on DVD today. I’m probably going to get it after exams… it can be a reward for surviving my 1L year. ^_^ (Fun fact: Caprica is the name of my wireless network! And my Macbook is called Colonial One. My nerdity knows no bounds.)

Twilight’s Vampires Defeated by Lawsuit? No no no, legal team. You are going after the wrong person!!! (Background Info here. And here. With supplementary links here. And yes, I am amazed that this woman still doesn’t understand how selling fanfiction is illegal!)

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