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Measuring Law Firm Website Success

JDSupra recently posted a short (two-page) list of metrics to determine whether your law firm’s site is successful. It’s interesting, short, and helpful. Check it out!

Glenn Reynolds: “I’m a renaissance dweeb”

Bill Whittle recently interviewed Professor Reynolds about the blogging—how he got started, how blogging created an Army of Davids, and how he manages all the e-mails and links he receives throughout the day. It’s fairly short, entertaining, and pretty helpful. I’m definitely going to miss having seminars and classes with Professor Reynolds after I graduate.

Put This On

My ex got me addicted to Put This On, which is a series about “Dressing Like a Grown-Up.” It’s a show and a site for men, but it’s still interesting and, sometimes, helpful. Their style is a good mix of polished casual and sometimes more formal stuff, with LOTS of vintage pieces. The first episode of the show/podcast is on denim, and it’s awesome. Overall, it’s nice to see some guys giving out good fashion advice—and having a unique sense of style while doing it.

Anyways, someone recently asked them a question about what to wear to his Barrister’s Ball, and this quote made me laugh:

For those who aren’t in the know, the Barrister’s Ball is like the prom, but for people who have made the catastrophic life choice of studying the law.”

Indeed, PTO. Indeed.

Don’t Feed the Trolls

Sometimes, I have to constantly remind myself not to feed the trolls. It may be a reason why I haven’t posted lately. I’m a little tired at the moment of getting frustrated and upset about the shenanigans going down in the government and in the media and not being able to do anything about it except vent. (Maybe it’s law school beating me down, but I’m feeling a little helpless.) Twitter makes it especially hard not to get angry, especially when people who are supposed to be your friends are calling you a racist for criticizing the President.

I’ve seen a lot of troll-feeding on blogs lately, too, and that drives me nuts. It doesn’t do any good to engage these people. Whether it’s a garden variety troll, a sockpuppet, or—my favorite—a concern troll, they’re there to disrupt conversation and/or make everyone in the thread look horrible. Yeah, it’s hard to look away from what they say sometimes (it’s like a train wreck!), but engaging them gives them the attention they want. And it just makes you, the engager angry, as well as responsible for keeping them on the thread longer than they need to be.

So don’t give them attention. By all means, if someone is obviously posting inappropriate comments, alert a mod, but don’t give their argument credence by rebutting it. It’s really not worth your time. Don’t focus on the trolls—focus on the people who are genuinely on the fence, apathetic, or just don’t know what’s going on because their exposure to current events is limited. Talk to them instead—you may actually make an impact on their beliefs. At the very least, you can help them be just a little more informed about issues and events.

Don’t forget: All trolls are idiots. But not all idiots are trolls. 😉

Reposting from Instapundit

Girl in Shorts doesn’t qualify for Blogger’s content warning. Go to her website, and see what they’re trying to hide.

Exactly *who* is Playboy empowering, again?

Apparently, while I was going to school and working today, someone at Playboy decided to post a list of ten Conservative women they’d love to hate-fuck.

You know what a hate-fuck is, kids? It’s rape. Playboy posted an article (that has since been removed) on their blog listing ten women they want to rape.

Jimmie at Sundries Shack weighs in with the best headline I’ve seen so far: I don’t know Guy Cimbalo, but I’d enjoy Punching Him in the Mouth. Ed Morrissey posts about it at Hot Air. John Hawkins at Right Wing News posts the list and some of the accompanying text here. And apparently, Playboy sent the link to conservative bloggers. *facepalm*

Smart Girl Politics condemned the post, stating “The language used in Mr. Cimbalo’s screed was misogyny, pure and simple. The vile nature of the article indicates that the author, and apparently Playboy Magazine, advocates violence against women with whom they don’t agree. The true feminists of today will not tolerate this kind of hateful exploitation.”

And they’re absolutely right. There’s a reason that rape is unfunny business—because it’s not frakking funny.

But should I really be surprised that Playboy, a magazine that devotes itself to defining beauty based on breast size, blondeness, and how orange your spray tan is rather than what makes you unique or—God forbid!—what’s in your head, would publish something like this? Women are unthinking clones to the people at PB (how many centerfolds actually say anything substantive?), so it would only follow that any woman with a dissenting opinion about the world is immediately WRONG and ought to be raped. It’s really a shame that none of these conservative women have men in their lives who could tell them what they ought to believe and remind them about their lip injection and spray tan appointments; maybe then, lists like this would be unnecessary. (Bonus points if that man is upwards of 80 years old.)

Look, between Ms. Marvel, Black Cat, and all the other great superheroines whose backstories are littered with rape and sexual assaults (rape is the only way to motivate a woman to action, you know! *eyeroll*), I’m really, really sick of rape being thrown around (and even, apparently, encouraged in some circles) like it’s not an important issue and a serious problem. RAPE IS NOT FUNNY. It’s an act that’s meant to humiliate the victim and make him or her completely powerless; it’s used to subjugate people and force them to submit. It’s a sexual act only in the act itself; otherwise, it’s a total exercise of power over another person. Nobody deserves to endure such treatment, and especially not people who do something so minor as to have a different political belief than you do. (Geez. Give me a break.)

I can’t begin to fathom what would have happened if a conservative pundit—say, Limbaugh, or Hannity—had compiled such a list about liberal women. Feminist groups would be horrified and furious and make all kinds of demands in a quest for justice. And they’d be right in their protests that rape shouldn’t be treated with such levity. So where are they? Where’s NOW? Where are the feminist bloggers decrying this article and demanding an apology to these ten women? I certainly hope there are some liberal feminists doing so, but I’m not holding my breath.

I don’t see anything empowering to women in airbrushing them until they’re unrecognizable and forcing them into a contrived notion of what’s attractive. And I sure as hell don’t see anything empowering in telling a group of them—not just these ten women, but every non-left-leaning woman as well—that they deserve to be raped.

Update: Tommy Christopher, a liberal blogger, comes through with Playboy Magazine Officially Hates Women, Conservative or Otherwise I agree with it so, so much. (It actually makes me squee a little.)

And way to go, Jezebel!

Update 2:
Ed Driscoll has a good round-up.
Screencaps of the article (When will print media learn that you can’t remove something from the Internet and expect that it’s actually gone forever? *sigh*)
Frugal Cafe Blog Zone: No Hate Here at Playboy, Guys… Just Some Good Ol’, Fun-Lovin’ Power-Rape of Conservative Women


I made When Fangirls Attack last week for my I’m a Marvel! I’m a DC! post. I am beyond excited about this!

WFA is a blog that links to posts about the salient gender issues in comics and comic fandom. I first discovered it during the Mary Jane Maquette catastrophe, and I’ve been semi-addicted ever since. I need to put it in the blogroll… anyway, I think it’s a great blog, and I’m pretty psyched about getting a link in one of their posts.


WordPress isn’t going to let me (heavily) customize my layout without making me pay for it, so I’m looking at getting a domain name. Joe uses Dreamhost, so I reckon I’ll hop on that bandwagon too since he knows how to use it.

Now I’ve just got to think of a domain name. “bright line rules” was always meant to be a placeholder or temporary title… I think I might just get my name or jlmolinaro as my domain so that I’m not married to a title I end up outgrowing or hating forever.

Also, I miss having Photoshop. Being unable to make a custom header or LJ icons is driving me crazy. I want to play with layers and textures and filters again!

Under Construction.

…*really* under construction.

Hey! This is the official first entry of my “big girl blog.” As of yet, that’s not the title of it, but give me another month of not being able to come up with something and that’s probably what it’ll be.

This is the place where I hope to write about news, politics, and geeky stuff that interest me, but in a less personal (and more professional way) than my livejournal. I’m sure my LJ friends are thrilled that I’m finally migrating some of my more SERIOUS BUSINESS elsewhere. 😉

Anyway, I wanted to get a header up, and while it’s nothing exciting, it’s better than the default blue banner. I hope to be posting here more soon. I just need to figure out how to cross-post to LJ. And, you know, make a header and create an actual title. ^_^;;

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