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MTAC Photoshoot: Black Rock Shooter Group

My friend Derek took a bunch of pictures of our BRS group at MTAC. You can see his pictures on his website.

98 days until Dragon*Con! I need to start working on all the alterations I need to make to my Black Gold Saw costume!

Black Gold Saw, Version 1.

MTAC was last weekend, and so I debuted version 1 of my Black Gold Saw costume:

I’m glad I wore it at this con first—it helped me figure out what worked and what I need to fix for Dragon*Con. My knee/thigh armor fell apart because the glaze I used never cured, but at least I knew that it would be a temporary set for MTAC only. My thigh-highs started to fall, too—I taped them up, but it was hot outside, so I think the adhesive stopped working because I was sweating a little. I still have to make claws for the hands, too… so yeah, I’m still not done with it but know where I need to make changes and additions.

Overall, though, I loved wearing the costume. I can’t wait to wear it again. The group got a great response. I’m so glad that Brandi and Katrina invited me to do this costume group with them. I’m really looking forward to D*C now, when I’ll have a fully-functional, not falling apart version of this costume. 😀

Black Gold Saw

As is wont to happen, my costume list has changed. I’ve pushed some things to the end of my list, and pulled some things to the front of it. For MTAC, I’m going to be part of a Black Rock Shooter costume group. I’ll be doing Black Gold Saw:

I’ve started working on the horns, I’ve picked out my fabric (thanks, Gena!), and Bill’s going to be making that awesome sword. I’ll try to post progress pictures shortly.

I’m so excited about this group. The two girls who asked me to join the group are both great costumers, and I’m really looking forward to how this project will turn out.

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