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Snow Leopard can kiss my ass.

I finally upgraded to OSX Snow Leopard last week so that I could try out the FaceTime Beta and install the copy of Left 4 Dead 2 that I got on Steam and can apparently only play in Snow Leopard.

I thought the upgrade process went smoothly. I backed up everything beforehand and didn’t have any problems with the install. But shortly after getting all my icons back into place and making sure all my data was still there, I started getting Keychain errors. These errors were telling me that I entered an invalid MobileMe password. When I opened System Preferences, I got a Keychain Error telling me to open Keychain Utility. I had to click through that error FIVE TIMES before the box went away.

So I ran Keychain First Aid. The response was “No problems.” I was still getting the MobileMe error even though I had typed my password into System Preferences and told it to remember it in my Keychain. And now, in addition to those errors, I was getting errors for iChat and the Mail app. And by “errors,” I mean that I’m constantly prompted for passwords even though I check the “remember this in my Keychain!” box. And by “constantly,” I mean that I have to type my password in four times for each e-mail address I have in the Mail app. Basically, if the app has to manage a password, Snow Leopard can’t do it.

I’ve run Keychain First Aid about six times now. I’ve cleared my Keychain once, and that seemed to fix the problem temporarily, but I can’t do that over and over. I shouldn’t have to do that over and over. I’ve made an appointment for the Genius Bar on Thursday, and I’m making screencaps/keeping track of everything that’s going wrong. Primarily because I already have guys acting like somehow I’m at fault because Snow Leopard can’t manage my Keychain or acting like I’m a moron because I’m using iChat/have MobileMe/etc. (Someone actually told me “OMG it was SO MUCH WORSE way back in 10.3.”—aka, the “You don’t have a reason to complain about your problems” excuse.) So I’m (understandably) frustrated. BUT if anyone has encountered these issues to the extent that I have and can point me in the right direction of a solution, PLEASE, by all means, let me know.

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