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AWA Costume Plans

Tentative Costumes for AWA:

Friday: Black Gold Saw
Friday Night: Menace (?)
Saturday: Dr. Girlfriend
Sunday: Comfy clothes! (Maybe bring “Miracle Day” Gwen, or just the jacket since I’m too big for the skinny jeans…)

Brandi, Bill, and Jimmy are doing the cosplay contest on Saturday, so I figure I can wear Dr. Girlfriend then since it’s easy to put on by myself and I don’t really need a handler when I wear it. (I’m still so mad at myself for not wearing it last year when the voice actor for Dean Venture was a guest!)

My goal is to wear the BGS for a long time. Like, longer than an hour and a half. I wish I had the crazy shoes made, because they’d be giant platforms instead of the wedges I have, and they would be way more comfortable. And no Setora for Menace at AWA. I’m beginning to suspect that it’ll never get started, let alone finished. 😦

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