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Gideon Sundback’s Birthday!

Google has a nifty doodle today for Gideon Sundback, the inventor of the zipper. Today would be his 132nd birthday.

Google Patents has, of course, posted his patent for a separable fastener.

And here’s an IBN post that explains how zippers work: How the Gideon Sundback Zipper works

Zippers are so helpful, even if they are a pain to insert into clothing. Zippers and set-in sleeves are two of the most aggravating things I’ve had to deal with in my sewing. But I suppose I’d rather struggle with zippers than have to make button holes…

MTAC Photoshoot: Black Rock Shooter Group

My friend Derek took a bunch of pictures of our BRS group at MTAC. You can see his pictures on his website.

98 days until Dragon*Con! I need to start working on all the alterations I need to make to my Black Gold Saw costume!

Wednesday Morning Linkspam

Discovery Launch as Seen from a Passing Airliner

iPad Gets Approval from FAA to Replace Paper Flight Charts and Maps

Obama Administration joins critics of ICANN

Apple: If “App Store” trademark is Generic, so is Microsoft “Windows” I had a deep discussion with someone about this; I think “App Store” is a fairly generic term, but I can also make a strong argument in favor of the trademark. (For example, neither Droid nor Microsoft use “app” or “store” for their store fronts—it’s the Android Market, Microsoft Marketplace. RIM has the Blackberry App World, though.)

Charlie Sheen Quotes Presented by Superheroes They actually make more sense this way. The only thing that’s missing is Tigra from Thundercats talking about having Tiger’s Blood. XD

Clearing My Tabs: Google Dire and Foreclosing on Wells Fargo

Internet v. Courts (NYT): Lawyers are Googling prospective jurors before voir dire in order to help them with their juror selections. This is interesting, but not totally surprising.

Wells Fargo Meeting With Philly Homeowner Who “Foreclosed” on Them (Here’s How He Did It) (The Consumerist): This story is fantastic. It details how this man got Wells Fargo’s attention and gained a foothold in negotiating with them—legally. This guy did his homework, and as a result, he was able to foreclose on his local Wells Fargo branch and, as a result, get a meeting with someone more important.

The Blind Leading the Blonde: A Dating Blog

The Blind Leading the Blonde

One of my friends has started a dating blog called “The Blind Leading the Blonde,” in which she chronicles her foray back into dating after a long-term relationship and getting to know herself. She’s following the advice of several dating “experts” and reflecting on how she’s changed over the past several years.

It’s really well written—the Independence Day is particularly good—and it’s thoughtful and interesting. I know a lot of people who have been going through these same issues, including myself recently, and it’s reassuring to know that I’m not the only one who’s felt this way.

So go check it out!

Link Dump from yesterday/this morning

Steve Jobs: Thoughts on Flash I hate Flash. It’s nice to see Steve PWN them so hard here.
Gizmodo considers suing police after iPhone raid (Cnet)
Why Reporters are Down on Obama (Politico)
Dear White House Press Pool: Stop Sucking (Daily Caller)
FAA close to setting up commercial spaceflight centers
Report: FB CEO Mark Zuckerberg doesn’t believe in privacy (Wired) I’m very unhappy with the recent facebook updates. I don’t have any interests on my profile anymore, and I intend to keep it that way.
Time 100: Jerry Holkins and Mike Krahulik I’ve been reading Penny Arcade since I was in high school, and I’m so happy to see the creators honored here.
NJ Court says Bloggers are not Journalist (Big Journalism)
A New Argument In Favor of Cameras in the Courtroom: Bloggers Suck

Exam Time Looms Large

…and I think this link will be very helpful.

First, Care (Merlin Mann)

From the Post:

Anonymous asked: ‘How do you maintain focus (on work, dreams, goals, life)?’

You do one thing at a time.

Although, I must add one important “Step Zero,” borne of my own tedious experience.

Before you sweat the logistics of focus: first, care. Care intensely.

Good luck to everyone who still has exams! Mine start Tuesday.

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