Big Hollywood discovers “Terrifying New Trend”–Adult My Little Pony Fans

In a huge case of “can’t tell if trolling,” Kurt Schlichter at wrote an article about how adult fans of “My Little Pony” are a huge threat to our society.

No, I’m not joking: “Terrifying New Trend: Grown Men Who Dig ‘My Little Pony.'”

This pretty much sums up the post:

I don’t even know what to say, you guys. I’m usually not one to play the “There are Bigger Things To Worry About!!!” card, but… seriously? There are people who are producing outright propaganda and media outlets that air it under the guise of “unbiased reporting,” but the Worst Thing In The World, the Thing We Need to Worry About, is My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic? It doesn’t even air on basic cable. This is one of those stories that makes me sigh and think, No wonder people think conservatives are fun-hating, judgmental assholes. And then I’m driven to drink.

Honestly, the only good things about Schlichter’s post are the comment threads full of reasonable adult fans who call him out on his bullshit, and the people who respond and say, “Oh, okay, maybe I’ll give you the benefit of the doubt, Person Who Has Actually Watched the Show.”

There are a lot of things to criticize bronies about—I don’t identify as a “brony” because I generally don’t associate with fandoms—but just liking the show isn’t one of them, especially if you haven’t watched it yourself. There are tons of articles on the Internet that already explain why adults are drawn to the show, so I’m not going to re-hash all of that. And part of me thinks that Schlichter’s post is so melodramatic and ridiculous and blatant link-baiting that it’s not even worth engaging. (And that’s why I’m busting out the macros!)

But the part where he talks about the lessons that Captain Kirk can teach to boys? “…that violence is an important option for defeating evil, that individual dignity is worth fighting for?” Those lessons are taught in My Little Pony. The former was covered particularly well in last week’s episode–the Mane Six ponies had to fight their way through a hoard of evil changelings to get to the Elements of Harmony. One of the ponies was used as a cannon! The show teaches that you have to be assertive and that sometimes, words aren’t enough to overcome your obstacles. The latter lesson is dealt with all the time as each pony (and Spike) struggles with her various problems: Fluttershy’s friends try to coerce her into being who they think she ought to be; the Cutie Mark Crusaders are growing up and trying to figure out what their talents are in the face of bullying; Spike saves an unborn phoenix from destruction by a few asshole pubescent dragons who just want to smash its egg. (If that’s not “fighting for individual dignity,” I don’t know what is. And it’s arguably Pro-Life, to boot! :P)

The show isn’t without other redeeming values, even if it does skip over the classic conservative message of promiscuous sex with strange alien ladies (wait… what?) Three of the Mane Six ponies manage businesses, one of which is a family farm. The “super-girly” pony? Is a fashion designer who runs her own boutique and sews the clothes she shells. The “main character” is smart and obsessed with reading and learning. Capitalism! Entrepreneurism! The importance of Family and Self-Education! Clearly this show is a threat to traditional American values.

She's probably reading the pony-equivalent of Marx!

I guess I’m just disappointed to see the conservative blogosphere jump on the Hate Wagon over My Little Pony because I am a fan and I’m all too used to people hating on things I like without giving it a chance. (As well as the aforementioned feelings of this is why people hate conservatives, stop shooting yourselves in the feet *headdesk*) That happens all the time to geeks, and I guess I figured that most bloggers are geeks and as such, they’d be more accepting of other fandoms. But no, they’ve spent all week complaining about bronies and how threatening they are to the masculinity of the nation.

I guess, overall, I just think that they’re stupid for writing off all MLP fans using all the classic tropes–perpetual virgins, perpetual children, pathetic guys who live at home with their parents, etc. It reminds me of the football fans who flood our Dragon*Con hotels and spend the weekend judging us for wearing costumes while they wear football jerseys, sundresses, and sometimes face and body paint to support their fandoms teams. It’s total obliviousness, and while it’s double-facepalm levels of stupid, it’s also a little hilarious.

Because while you’re being judgmental and telling jokes at our expense, we’re having fun. And it’s way more fun to participate in something you enjoy than it is to stand around and be negative, judgmental jerks.

Photo by Jimmy Burns of Angry Dog Studios.

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