NECA & Amazon totally screw up Hunger Games Jacket Pre-Orders

I ordered NECA’s $120 Hunger Games Replica jacket thinking that I would be receiving the replica of Katniss’s arena jacket—because that’s what NECA said the $120 jacket was. They described it on their blog as 2 jackets that could be worn separately or together. NECA also offered a $50 version that would just be the outer shell.

Today I received my package, and instead of receiving the replica, I received the $50 windbreaker.

Let me say that again. I paid $120 for a $50 windbreaker.

I called Amazon and talked to two separate customer reps about it. The best that they could do for me was to allow me to return the item and then pay $150 (plus shipping) for the item that I should have received in the first place. The two customer service reps had no idea that the jacket I received should have been priced at $50 and that I received the wrong item, because somewhere along the way, the jackets were re-priced back to their original, proper prices.

I’m tweeting about it and mentioning @NECA_Toys and @PanemTV whenever I do so. I haven’t received any sort of acknowledgement or response, but maybe they’ll pipe up soon and explain what went wrong. (I’ve seen them respond to other people, so there’s some hope that they’ll engage us on Twitter.)

So here’s why I’m going after NECA and not Amazon: It was their product, and the links on NECA’s pages were going to the wrong Amazon pages–at least on the day I placed my order. (Like I mentioned before, they have since changed their links to go to the right pages with the right prices.)

When you sell exclusively through a third-party vendor, you need to check and make sure they didn’t screw something up. Amazon has NO IDEA what these things are or what they’re supposed to sell for (as the two support people I talked to tonight proved) so it’s on the seller to make sure their products aren’t being misrepresented, mislabeled, or mispriced.

Further, one of their bloggers said that NECA “usually” sells through Amazon, so they should know how to do this by now. And NECA isn’t a new company; they have a ton of licenses for official toys, props, and other replicas, and they should be able to manage a successful pre-order campaign by now.

In addition to mentioning their Twitter account in my own posts, I contacted NECA’s customer support:

And I commented on two of their blog posts about it:

NECA Blog: The New Hunger Games Movie Merchandise is Phenomenal! (Note the commenter who mentions that he had something wrong—NECA claims “partial blame” for that, which is preposterous since they’re the sellers and they should have known this was happening.)

About NECA Hunger Games

Both of my comments are awaiting moderation. I’m curious to see whether they’ll actually make it through the mod queue.

I’d definitely recommend that anyone who’s dealing with this nonsense contact NECA at the links I’ve posted above and courteouslycoherently explain what your problem is and ask what they intend to do to rectify the situation.

This is completely ridiculous and entirely unprofessional behavior on NECA’s part. They need to figure out what the hell happened and then fix it for the people who paid $120 and received a $50 jacket.


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