Black Gold Saw: Horn Progress, Part 2

So, whoops. It’s been over a month since I planned to blog about this. Right now, Bill is working with the intermediate cast of my horn, but I can still post pictures of what my progress was way back when.

Once I got the overall size & shape finished, I smoothed out the clay using a hotel room key or gift card (Bill’s suggestion.) Then I had to put ridges in the front and back of the horns because the ones on the figure weren’t perfectly round. (That would be too easy, right?)

In order to do this, I ran the card down the side of the horn over and over again to create a downward-sloping angle away from the center of the horn. I did it on both sides, to… eh, middling results. It took a long time just to get what the pictures here show, and it was an extremely frustrating process for me, first because I have a bad wrist, and second, because if I held onto the horn for too long, the clay heated up and ruined whatever work I had done on the back side of it. The initial sculpting didn’t take as long as I thought it would, and I think that also made the smoothing process more frustrating. I worked on it more than I worked on the initial sculpting.

I was happy with the way it turned out, but apparently my lines weren’t defined enough, because they didn’t really appear in the castings that Bill has since done. :\

Once I had the piece sculpted, I covered it in latex. (Unfortunately, I don’t have any pictures of that.) I got “Mold Builder” liquid latex from Hobby Lobby, and brushed it on one layer at a time. The first few layers, you have to watch out for air bubbles—Bill usually uses popsicle sticks, but I just couldn’t get the hang of them for this weird, round piece. I used a brush instead, which helped me spread the latex on in more even layers. I think I ended up with around 10 layers. Then I packed it up and took it down to Georgia for Bill to finish.


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