Last-Minute Halloween Costume Ideas for Guys

io9 posted a list of 20 Last-Minute Sci-Fi Costumes, and some of the comments reminded me that yes, there ARE some guy costumes I can think of! (That’s the only thing that was really stopping me—the fact that I’m more familiar with female than male costumes.) I know a lot of non-costuming guys who are super-creative when it comes to Halloween costumes, but in case you need some help, here are some suggestions.

Marty McFly

This year is the 25th Anniversary of Back to the Future and would be a perfect year to go as Marty McFly. His costume is fairly easy—sneakers, jeans, jean jacket, button-down plaid shirt, undershirt, and puffy vest. You could do a few less layers if you wanted, but I think the puffy vest is a must. (Why are you wearing a life preserver?!) Bonus points if you carry a skateboard or a hoverboard.

Doc Brown

While I’m at it, a Doc Brown costume would be fairly simple, too. Khaki pants, a cheesy button-down shirt, a lab coat, some goggles (or not), and crazy white hair. A cheap wig would work for the hair, or you could go super-DIY and gel it out and try to lighten it with baby powder. If you do get a wig and need to style it, DO NOT use a curling iron or hair dryer. They will make the wig fibers melt because they are plastic. You can, however, use as much styling product as you like. Be sure to yell a lot about 1.21 Gigawatts and driving 88 MILES PER HOUR! Would be a great group costume with a Marty.

Arthur Dent

Probably the easiest and comfiest costume ever. If you have pajama pants, a t-shirt, a robe, and a towel, you can be Arthur Dent. He also wears slippers, but people probably won’t be looking at your feet, so whatever shoes you wear is really your choice. To be extra cheeky, I’m sure you can find an image of the words “DON’T PANIC” to use as your cell phone’s wallpaper to create your own mini version of the Hitchhiker’s Guide. (Actually, one year a classmate wore his pajamas to school on Halloween and I thought he was wearing an Arthur Dent costume. That’s how effortless this costume is.)

Clark Kent

One of my classmates went as Clark Kent one year. All you need is a suit, some glasses, and a Superman t-shirt. Also fairly simple, but not nearly as comfortable as Arthur Dent.

Mario & Luigi.

I’m pretty sure Hot Topic had Mario costume pieces… the hardest parts to find will be the hat and, possibly, appropriate-looking gloves. (Personally, I’d consider foregoing the gloves for Halloween—gloves can be a pain in the ass!) Overalls and a plain Red or Green t-shirt would be simple enough to find if you don’t have them already. And don’t forget the mustache! You should be able to find those at a Halloween or Costume store. This would be a great group or even couples costume—I’ve seen some adorable female Mario and Luigi costumes. (They usually don’t have the mustache, and they typically wear overalls with a skirt, but some short-shorts would work, too.)


Are you a Dr. Who fan, but lack the money/time/desire to wear a suit all Halloween and dress as The Doctor? Maybe you should go as the TARDIS. All you’d need to do is find a big cardboard box and paint it. Cut holes for your head and arms, and voila—you’re the TARDIS. You could even make the top piece a hat using a Solo cup. A blue one would be perfect if you covered it in iridescent wrapping paper and then glued some painted craft foam over it (the same color as your TARDIS, of course!) Attach an elastic chin strap (some thicker elastic wouldn’t be too uncomfortable) so it could stay on your head. In a pinch, you could drink out of your TARDIS hat as long as the paint you used was non-toxic. ^_^ And don’t forget, if you dress as the TARDIS you can use pick-up lines about how you’re bigger on the inside. You’re welcome.

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