Last-Minute Halloween Costume Ideas (for Women or Girls)

Halloween is in less than a week. If you’re still looking for a costume, here are a few ideas that you can pull off relatively quickly and easily:

I’m thinking here about the denim skirt and t-shirt version, not the body suit or Michael Turner version, both of which would be more complicated. For the former, all you really need is a jean mini-skirt, a Superman T-Shirt (you could even use a white t-shirt and print out an iron-of of the Shield, or draw it on yourself), and a short cape.

Hello Kitty
There were some girls dressed as Hello Kitty at GMX, and they were adorable. They wore a headband with white ears and red bow—I saw these at Hot Topic, and they are, actually, “Hello Kitty” ears—with a white t-shirt and red mini-skirts (with suspenders, I think?) that looked similar to something from Forever 21—an elastic waistband and a basic red skirt. If you don’t want to go the skirt route, a little red dress would work. I believe they drew on whiskers and may have colored their noses black to look more cat-like, too.

Wonder Girl
Wonder Girl may not be as recognizable as other characters, but it’s still a good costume. The costume is: a pair of jeans (with red stars on the side—optional when you’re in a crunch); a red tank top with a gold breastplate (you can probably make this with yellow or gold craft foam); silver arm bracers; red star earrings; and, of course, a lasso.

This costume isn’t particularly “sexy” or slutty, but it would be comfy and warm, and you could get a tank top that shows your midriff if you’re really concerned about being sexy on Halloween. If that’s still not enough, you could go the Ame-Comi Route: Red Bra Top, Blue Star-Spangled Bikini Bottom, and jeans cut into chaps.

Merlotte’s Waitress

Hot Topic had this entire costume in-store and online. The only thing you really need is the white Merlotte’s t-shirt. I’d say that you need the apron, too, but that’s not really key compared to the t-shirt. Just like Supergirl, you can find the Merlotte’s logo online and print it out on an iron-on if you don’t want to shell out $20 for a t-shirt. (One of my friends made her shirt last year, and it looked awesome.)

Other than the shirt and apron, you need some short-shorts (and I’d recommend beige tights if you’re concerned about being cold or having that much leg showing—it works for the Hooters girls, after all) and accessories. You could get a fanny pack like Arlene, fangs like Jessica, a bandanna to wear around your neck like Sookie, or you could just draw on some big bite marks. Be creative!

Little Black Dress Costumes

Do you have a black cocktail dress or gown? That’s a great base for a lot of costumes.
– Audrey Hepburn/Holly Golightly: Add a big hat, big sunglasses, pearls, and/or black opera-length gloves (any combination of them, really) and you’ve got a recognizable Holly Golightly from Breakfast at Tiffany’s
– A mom I follow on Twitter made her daughter a flapper costume from a black cocktail dress, a long prop cigarette holder, and a feather boa. It was adorable.
– A black long-sleeve dress, combined with some black tights and braided pigtails, could be Wednesday Addams.
– Witch: Get (or make!) a witch hat, maybe some striped tights and some kind of accessory (wand/cat/crystal ball/broomstick etc.) Be creative—do a search for witch costumes, pin-up art, or specific characters and see which elements appeal to you.

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