How-To: DIY Lady Gaga costume

According to my blog stats, a lot of people want to make Lady Gaga costumes, and a lot of you are finding your way here because I made my disco bra and talked about making my Gaga costume. I haven’t blogged in nearly a month, and it’s October, which makes this post a little Halloweeny, I guess.

Okay. Before I get down to the specifics for Gaga, here are some basic tips applicable to any costuming project:

1. Set a budget. Costuming is my hobby, and therefore, I spend a significant amount of money on my costumes. But not everyone wants to spend a lot of money on a Halloween costume that they’ll only wear once, even though most adult Halloween costumes that I’ve seen cost around $30-$50. But anyways. Set a budget and stick to it. I know people who have found amazing costume pieces at Goodwill. And raid your own closet–you might find something that you can use. (For example, I’m going to be Abby from NCIS for Halloween, and I already had a t-shirt, boots, and all the accessories. I just had to buy a lab coat and a skirt.)

2. Do some research. Looking for screencaps and pictures of your costume from multiple angles will help you plan it out. Once you have some pictures, break your costume down into pieces. It’ll create a road map to help with construction and make the entire process less intimidating. Looking for tutorials or forums where you can ask questions is also helpful—others may have had some spectacular mishaps that you can learn from, and general how-tos can help you save time (and money!)

3. Make a plan. Do you want your costume to be totally accurate? Do you want to put your own spin on a costume or do an “inspired by”/femme/male version of a particular look? Write or sketch it out. I have a sketch book that I use to make lists and draw stuff out. (I’ve been meaning to print out screencaps and glue them in so that I can make notes directly onto an image, but I haven’t done that yet.)

Okay, onto Gaga.

For Dragon*Con, I did the Disco Bra costume from the “Just Dance” video:
Lady Gaga

Here’s my final version:

(Photo by Derek Deweese)

For screencaps, I watched the video over and over and figured out what she was wearing. The Just Dance costume is basically:
– Bra covered in Disco Tiles
– Cut-up T-shirt
– Black jumper
– Skirt
– Black Booties
– Sunglasses
– Gaga blonde wig/hairstyle

1. Disco Bra: I found disco tiles on eBay, and glued them to a strapless bra using E6000 glue. If you don’t want to go all out and use tiles—it was a fairly time-consuming process, and they’re glass, after all—you could probably get by with some shiny silver fabric sewn or glued to a bra.
2. T-Shirt: I just got a pack of t-shirts at Target and cut it until it looked like her shirt in the video.
3. Black Jumper w/skirt: You can just barely tell she’s wearing a skirt, so you could just use a jumper if you wanted. I found a jumper at American Apparel that was close enough, and I shortened the shorts. I just wore the skirt over the jumper—I think I got it at Forever 21. (A poofy skirt and suspenders might also work for this.)
4. Gaga wears black booties. Mine aren’t exact, but I already had them in my closet, and they looked close enough. (Besides, it’s really hard to tell what her shoes like in the video.)
5. Sunglasses/Accessories: Even if you don’t go for the spot-on replica glasses, you should be able to find some big Gaga-style glasses somewhere. In some shots she’s wearing bracelets and rings, in others she isn’t, so how you accessorize it is really up to you.
6. Gaga’s hair is surprisingly normal in this video. I know that Hot Topic actually has a Gaga wig for Halloween, but any basic platinum wig with bangs will do.

And that, in a nutshell, is how I made my Gaga costume.

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