Dragon*Con 2010

My pictures are up on Flickr. I didn’t take many at all, but there are pictures of my two new big costumes—Dr. Girlfriend and She-Hulk.

Had a fantastic year, as always. It was probably one of the best ever, though. I spent about as much time in costume as I did out of costume, didn’t stress out about making (or missing) panels, and just had fun. Saw just about everyone I wanted to see on Thursday, which is pretty impressive considering that about 40,000 people attend each year. Highlights of the con include, in no particular order:

– Being upgraded to the Ambassador Suite in the Marriott.
– My roommate, Julie, winning the Venture Brothers Costume Contest at the VB party. (Seriously, her Lady Ward/Female Guild member costume turned out awesome.)
– Coming home with a new boyfriend. (Squee!) (And to be fair, we’d been dating since May, so it’s not like I left single and came home taken. :P)
– All the awesome costumes and props—including H.E.L.P.e.R from Venture Bros, Fat Princesses (complete with cake!), a large group of Ironettes, Russell from Pixar’s Up, Weeping Angels from Dr. Who, and, of course, the Spartans.
– Hula-hooping for hours with some of my best friends.
– Wearing green body paint for 5 hours.
– Getting a Utilikilt for my boyfriend for his birthday.
– 35 people in my room watching the Masquerade

I absolutely can’t wait until next year. Here are some other resources for photos and information about this year’s con:
Derek Deweese has some fantastic photos.
– Geeks of Doom did features on Avengers Cosplay and hot girls (part 2) and guys in costume.
Dragon*Con in 3-D (flickr) You have to have the red and blue glasses for the 3D effects to work, but they look awesome!
– And, of course, searching flickr for “dragoncon2010” will get you thousands of results.


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