Obligatory Congratulations Post

Congratulations, Senator Brown! You have a chance to bring real, actual change to the Senate. You’ve already brought it to Massachusetts. I’m looking forward to watching your upcoming term.

And I’m amused at all of the desperate denial and hand-wringing going on in the Democrat camp. I don’t think this was an anomaly—especially when you take the VA and NJ gubernatorial races into consideration—and I don’t think the tide will change all that much between now and November. At least, I hope it doesn’t. Conservative candidates have a strong chance of election now, if for no other reason than that people are sick of Reid and Pelosi bossing them around instead of serving the people like they’re supposed to. People overwhelmingly want smaller government now, and it’s time for a party with that agenda to take charge. Set an example, Senator Brown, and lead the way.


1 Response to “Obligatory Congratulations Post”

  1. 1 J.P. Douglas January 25, 2010 at 8:09 am

    I totally agree. But the question is are Democrats the target or incumbents??


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