2010 Costume List

My friend Hofmann posted a list of the costumes he wants to do this year, and it inspired me to post something similar. I originally posted this in my LJ, but why not post it here. It lightens up the place a little to get away from political issues sometimes. 😉

Here’s what I’m planning this year:


I’m doing this for an Avengers group, and I’m really excited about it. Why She-Hulk? Mostly, it’s because she’s a lawyer, and I love the idea of a lawyer-superhero. Plus, the costume will be fairly easy to construct, and as I’ve never sewn spandex before, I think it’ll be a good starting project.

I’ve found the wig I want, so now I need to get the spandex and the gloves and start making the suit. The body paint is going to be the hard part; I’ve found a full body stocking that I’m going to dye so that I can still wear the costume without doing full body-paint, so hopefully that will work well. I’d love to do full paint sometime, though—just not for the D*C parade. I won’t want to get up at the crack of dawn to get ready, especially since the crack of dawn is usually 2 hours after I go to bed. 😉 I’m excited about this project; it’s got two elements that I’ve never tried—body paint and sewing spandex—so it should be a learning experience.

Ame-Comi Catwoman

I’ve wanted to do this costume for a couple of years now, and I have some friends interested in an Ame-Comi group, so this year seems to be a good time to do it. The outfit is similar to She-Hulk’s, so it looks like I’ll be sewing lots of spandex leotards this year.

Amusingly, Hot Topic is carrying knee-high boots that look like Catwoman’s. However, I think that I’ll make the boots (and hopefully the gloves?) from the same fabric I use to make my leotard so it all matches. The garter pieces are going to be kind of weird to make, but I’ll make it work somehow. I really love the aviator helmet and goggles.

Lady Gaga: Gyroscope

I decided that if I did a costume for the Gaggle of Gagas, this would be it. And I’m still doing it even though someone in the Gaggle already claimed it. (I just won’t wear it for the Gaggle.)

This is also known as the Axis of Awesome. The more I’ve looked at it, and the more I’ve talked about it with Derek, the easier (well, less daunting anyway) it’s becoming. I hope to start the orb soon, with the goal of having it done before summer. I need to do a torso cast for the bodice, and hope to do that after I’ve lost a good bit of weight and gotten in better shape. I’ve already got the glasses, and my white Black Cat wig is close enough that I think it’ll work. It photographs kind of platinum-looking, and the orb is going to be the big draw with this, so I think it’ll be okay if my wig isn’t totally platinum. I need to find some pumps to wear with it, too. (Picture of my Wig and Glasses)

Again, this will be an ambitious, new project for me. But since Derek has already pretty much figured everything out (in about 3 hours, no less!), I think I can handle it.

Lady Gaga: “Just Dance” Disco Bra Outfit

This is what I’ve decided to wear for the Gaggle. It’s relatively simple and I can put most of it together with store-bought stuff. This costume is basically a disco bra, a jumper with a skirt, a torn up t-shirt, and booties.

I’m excited about making the Disco Bra. I was looking for patent booties, but since the orb is going to be freakishly expensive, I’ll probably just wear the booties I already have. They’re cute and would go well with the rest of the outfit. I do need to find a wig for this one, but the glasses I have work for this costume AND the orb—hurrah. My friend Chris directed me to his Disco Tile seller, and I’ll be able to get the tiles for practically nothing. I’ll probably make a prototype bra that I’ll sell somewhere—I’ll need to figure out exactly how to attach and place the tiles, and I’d rather practice on an inexpensive bra than on the fancy bra I want to wear to D*C.

EDIT 10/13/10: I wrote a mini-tutorial on how to make this costume. You can find it here.

Also (perpetually) on the list is a Red (or maybe Blue…) Minidress from the new Trek Movie. Anovos has received the license for the new uniforms and will be making reproductions, so I’m probably going to hope that they aren’t ridiculously expensive and get one from them.

And then there are upgrades. I’d like to get a new cowl for Catwoman (and a new suit, but I’m dreaming with that one) and I’ll probably have to re-make my Knuckledragger skirt. But yeah, those are the plans for this year. If anyone has any construction advice, let me know. I have a feeling that I’m going to need some help. ^_^


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