Law School Apathy

It’s the third day of classes, and I’m already feeling pretty apathetic. This concerns and horrifies me because it’s the third day of classes.

Legal Profession is rough. The assignments are long and tedious—read this 20 page chapter and the 10 hyperlinks I posted in the syllabus. This leads to too many open tabs in Firefox and PDFs in Preview, which leads to crankiness.

Patent Law is really intimidating.

Constitutional Law… well, we haven’t really started reading a lot of the law. Everything we’ve done so far has been introductory, Poli Sci 101-type stuff. I hope I’ll like it though… it would be nice to like more than half my classes this semester.

Haven’t had Trademark Law or Space Law yet. My hopes are high for both of those, so maybe after I have those classes I’ll be more enthusiastic about this semester. And less apathetic.


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