I turned in my last exam this morning and am officially on holiday break. Overall, my exams went okay—none of them really made me want to cry that much, and I’m pretty sure that I passed everything. And that’s what matters, so hurrah.

My break is going to be fun and busy. I’m going back to Nashville on Tuesday, having Christmas with my Nashville buds on Friday (Secret Santa ftw), going to Kingston for Christmas w/the family, and seeing Lady Gaga in Atlanta on the 28th. I still have some Christmas shopping to do, but not that much. I might get to do some shopping in Nashville, which will be fun. And scary. (Green Hills kind of freaks me out because it’s so busy. And pretentious. But that doesn’t freak me out as much as it irritates me.)

I got my hair cut today—I hadn’t had it cut since after Dragon*Con, when I got it cut short again. I promised myself a funky hair color for an “exams are over” present, and today I followed through. I have PURPLE streaks in my hair, y’all. It’s awesome. I actually think I want to stick with it for a while, and maybe add some more color. It’s subtle, and under the top layer of my hair (so when it grows out, the roots won’t look bad) and on part of my bangs. Here’s a picture; ignore my silly face:
Purple hair!!!

I LOVE it. I’m so excited about showing my family and friends in person, because the pictures didn’t turn out that well.

But yeah, I’m halfway done with law school AND I have purple hair. It’s pretty much a win-win.


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