BioShock 2

BioShock 2: Hands All Over It

First, you know what’s obnoxious and insulting? This: “I stopped by the Access PR offices this week in New York City to put my hands under the shirt (and the bra) of the latest up-to-the-minute build of BioShock 2.” And it’s the first sentence of the article. That’s a completely unnecessary metaphor (especially when you consider that the only female characters in those games are only sexy if you like children and zombies,) and the only thing it accomplishes is to set an anti-woman tone that completely colors the writer’s complaints about the Big Sister and makes me think that you just don’t want women ruining your video games. *eyeroll*

That irritation aside, I’m not sure how I feel about the BioShock 2 this writer described. I really liked the hacking mini-game from the first game, and I hate that they’ve dumbed it down. Hacking was a nice break from the game’s environment; yeah, it got a little tedious at times, especially when you’re watching someone play, but the solution shouldn’t be scrapping it for something easier—it should have been to mix it up a little. Why not have save the easy mini-game for vending machines and save the original mini for turrets and cameras?

I am, however, looking forward to adopting the Little Sisters (I couldn’t bring myself to harvest one in the original) and seeing what the Big Sister’s story is. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that we get to see a LOT of new areas of Rapture, too, and that the Big Daddy is slightly less cumbersome than the main character at the end of the first game. Overall, I’m staying cautiously optimistic about BioShock 2—especially since the jerk writer of this piece couldn’t get through a piece without invoking boobies. Somehow I doubt that he and I see eye-to-eye. 😉


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