Lunch-break Links

Well, there are plenty of criminals working in Washington (Rangel, Geitner, Dodd, etc…) so why should this be any surprise? Stimulus Contracts Go to Companies Under Criminal Investigation

This is just silly: NOW President on President Obama’s All-Male Athletic Outings: “It’s Troubling.” First, the man’s entire family is female—let him have some boys’ time. And second, anyone who says “If women had been at the heads of the companies on Wall Street instead of these masters of the universe then we might not be in the predicament that we’re in today,” which is the equivalent of “If we had female leaders there would be no war!!!” shouldn’t be taken seriously. Couple that quote with the minority-counting approach of “Well, half the population is female so half the Cabinet should be female!” and you’ve got a smorgasbord of ridiculousness.

Full Augustine Commission Report We’ve had Senator-Presidents and Governor-Presidents, Peanut Farmer-Presidents and Actor-Presidents, so how about a Scientist-President?

Fake AP Style Book (on Twitter) My favorite so far is, “The first sentence of a photo caption describes what is being shown, in the present tense: ‘Holy crap, it’s Pteranodons!'”

Seen Any Weird Wills Lately? (Legal Geekery.) Wow. This almost makes me want to take a Wills and Estates Class. Almost.

Throw Out Your Old Cat Ears, It’s Time to Update Your Halloween Costume! (io9) Is it bad that I can look at Venom Mickey (picture 2) and recognize that Elevator as the Marriott Marquis at Dragon*Con? I’m pretty sure I know the Classic Leia Zombie in the middle of picture 8, too. (BTW, I’m not done with my Halloween costume yet—Dr. Girlfriend from “Venture Brothers,” if anyone is curious.)


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