It’s that time of the year again…

No, I’m not talking about mid-term time, or Fall Break time, or “Holy crap I really ought to be outlining and paying more attention in class” time, though it is all of those things…

I’m talking about registration time.

At my law school, we register using a bidding system. Each person gets 50 points (total) to bid on the classes they want to take, and after we’ve placed our bids, the Records office arranges us all in bid order and then hands out spots in the class. If there are ties, they do a drawing. We have to pick the classes we want and ALSO alternates, which may or may not conflict with what we actually want to take.

In short, it complicates a usually-banal process and injects competition into it. And heaven knows we law students don’t compete with one another enough—for interviews, for jobs, for grades… *eyeroll* I hate this system of registration. It’s frustrating and full of uncertainty, not unlike law school itself. I mean, it would be nice to have one aspect of my education that I had a significant amount of control over. But here I am, painstakingly counting out points for the classes I want. (I’m already done, btw. Because I love signing up for classes and am a huge school nerd.) I can already tell that I probably won’t be in any classes with my friends (again) next semester, except for maybe ConLaw—our interests are just so different. Oh well, here’s hoping I get what I want! Wish me luck! 😉


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