Running an organization is hard, y’all!

Friday afternoon I got an e-mail from one of the reps of the Student Bar Association informing me that I had not renewed my membership and that they did a locker check and realized I was still using my locker. Because “occupying [my] locker without paying is not fair to those members who annually pay to use their locker” (and I swear those were their actual words), I had to either pay for my locker or be evicted during Fall Break.

Aside from the completely asinine “it’s not fair!” argument, there was one problem with their e-mail: I renewed my membership in August, and I had the canceled check and a receipt to prove it.

So I shot off an e-mail to them within minutes of receiving the first e-mail explaining that I had paid in August and the check was deposited on the 21st. I didn’t hear from them ALL weekend, so last night I scrounged up a scan of the check (thank goodness for my bank’s online banking services!) and sent it to them.

I finally got a response this morning saying that everything was fine. And it included this gem: “Often our records do not accurately reflect the situation due to the large amount of council members who work the office. The chain of communication is bound to get broken.”

Seriously? This is the equivalent of, “But we only wanted to be on the council to pad our resumes—you can’t expect us to do real work!” Maybe before you threaten to evict SBA members from their lockers you should check the copies of the receipts you’ve written. Or talk to the council members. SBA members pay between $50 and $100 at a time for membership, and these lapses in communication don’t make me confident that next year they won’t try to shake me down for even MORE money.

Cause no, honey, breaking the chain of communication isn’t “bound to happen” in these situations as long as your council members can competently take notes in a ledger or fill in a grid on Microsoft Excel. SBA is a large organization, and if it’s too hard to expect the officers and council members to follow their own rules and keep organized records, maybe they shouldn’t be an approved organization until they get their shit together.

In any case, law students, keep your receipts for these sorts of things! You never know when you might have to use them, and goodness knows that most of us don’t have an extra $50, $80, or $100 to spend on something we’ve already paid for.


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