D*C Link Spam

Well, last week was Dragon*Con, my 4-day frantic vacation of the year. It seems like it happened forever ago even though this time last week, I was gearing up to watch the Masquerade and eat Chinese Food with my friends.

I had a great time, as always, and promptly began the frantic search for pictures of myself on the internet. (This is as much a Con tradition as watching the Masquerade in the hotel with friends is, and it usually continues for a few weeks after con is over.) Before the con was even over, one of my friends sent me a link from Topless Robot with a picture from the D*C 08 Slave Leia shoot, which made its way onto Reddit and Picture is Unrelated before being picked up and blogged about by Stephen Green in this week’s edition of “The Week in Blogs.” That should have been a sign that I was destined to find a ton of D*C links and pics afterward. And I did. Here are some of my favorites:

Derek Deweese’s Flickr gallery. Derek (who can be found at dwrd.net) took over 1700 pictures last weekend and grouped them neatly into sets according to day.
Geeks of Doom: 25 Cosplay Babes of Dragon*Con 09
Official D*C Thriller Video This year, 902 people learned and performed the “Thriller” dance in an attempt to break a World Record. Even if they didn’t make it (they won’t find out for a while…), how many other “Thriller” dances include the Flying Spaghetti Monster? 😉
Maxim’s Girls of Dragon*Con 2009 I was shocked (shocked!) to see that my friends and I were included from our Seven Deadly Sins group. ^_^
Apparition Abolishers The Apparition Abolishers, a group of steampunk Ghostbusters, won the Masquerade. Their costumes were amazing, and their droid was unbelievable. (I’m a little biased, as my friend Chris Lee, was in the group, but trust me, they’re awesome.)

In addition to all the geeky awesomeness, Dragon*Con collected more than 2600 units of blood in their blood drive, which is awesome in its own way. 🙂 And hundreds of people marched in the parade, which was a blast and a success (except for the Loomis truck which apparently interrupted the superheroes group… yikes!)

And, as mentioned in an earlier post, all of my pictures are on Flickr. Still haven’t decided if I’m going to post any, but I may.


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