Brief look at Politics this week

Instapundit: The White House says it’s not concerned about health care protests. They’re so unconcerned that they’re dispatching surrogates to claim the protests are fake.
Leftist Bloggers who Get Marching Orders from Obama Attack Protesters as “Astroturf”
Obama Summons his Army: This is the Moment Our Movement was Built For (Michelle Malkin)
Tea Party Bashers Gone Wild (MM’s syndicated column for the week)
A Study in Contrast (The

New DNC Ad: Mobs of Right-Wing Lunatics Want to Feast On Your Flesh (Hot Air) My favorite part is Allah’s B-Movie caption: “THRILL to angry conservatives walking around with signs. TREMBLE as a woman holding an American flag yells at a congressman. SCREAM as Democrats absorb one one-millionth the degree of demonization George Bush suffered over eight years.”
This is what Mob Rule Looks Like (Michelle Malkin)

My Take: If these Democrat politicians can’t handle being asked substantive questions or handle peaceful, Dockers-clad protesters visiting their office, should they really be responsible for creating and enforcing our national policies?

I’m sick of seeing people who support heavily-funded organizations like ACORN and accuse these people of being bank-rolled astroturfers. Maybe these people just don’t know that other people can be politically active without demanding a free lunch or a salary; the only other explanation is that they’re butthurt that they’re being criticized and so they’ve decided to smear the opposition. Also, please recall that David Axelrod pretty much pioneered astroturfing, and it’s okay when ACORN does it. At worst, these protesters are just taking a page from Axelrod’s handbook on manufacturing support and outrage. Except that these people really are grassroots protesters, encouraged by videos of their compatriots at Town Halls and Tea Parties. (If not, I missed out on getting my fair share at the Tea Party I went to last April… ;P)

Obama in 03: I’d like to see a Single-Payer Health-Care Plan (Breitbart)
Is This the Best They Can Do? (Power Line)
WH: Obamacare opponents lying by using Obama’s own words (HotAir)
White House Blog Seeking Snitches (Jammie Wearing Fool)
The White House Wants to Know When Somebody is Wrong on the Internet (Jon Henke) This is, by far, my favorite headline about this so far.
Health Care Czar’s Office Calls for Internet Snitch Brigade (Michelle Malkin)
The Health-Care Debate, Starring James Brolin as the Democratic Party (Sundries Shack)
Reason TV: Looking for ‘fishy statements’ on healthcare
Obamateurism of the Day: This whole series deserves a snitch

My Take: This is just creepy. “Hey kids! Are your parents and neighbors casually discussing Obamacare in a less-than-positive way? Do you think they’re spreading LIES about the administration’s policies? Was somebody wrong on the Internet??? Don’t worry! You can tell us all about it by e-mailing us!” Yikes.

The Obama Joker Poster:
L.A. Weekly Wets Itself over Obama Joker Poster (Hot Air)
Department of Double Standards
Sundries Shack: The Riddler Might Have Been a Better Choice
It’s Really Wrong to Depict a Politician as the Joker (Deceiver)
Why So Spurious? (Jim Treacher)
The Anchoress: Obama as the Joker

My opinion about the matter: The people complaining about this poster are the same people who portrayed Bush as Hitler (Or, even The Joker) for 8 years, and they need to quit their whining. However, something about the poster irks me. I get that the artist is trying to say that Obama is a clown, but the Joker has a distinct personality and character that isn’t representative of Obama. For one, the Joker is an anarchist, not a socialist. He’s also a homicidal maniac. I’ve seen better posters (and icons!), but I applaud the artist for his/her creative Photoshop job and use of free expression.


2 Responses to “Brief look at Politics this week”

  1. 1 Terra August 5, 2009 at 1:45 pm

    the problem is they are trying to look like there are more on the right than there are, and it is more of an ethical concern. it also is making it hard to have legitimate conversation. there are legitimate conversations against and for health care reform, and those talks need to happen.

    • 2 Jessica August 5, 2009 at 9:57 pm

      “They” meaning the protesters? How is it an ethical concern? I haven’t seen anything where they’ve inflated numbers about who’s gone to the town halls or protests. And don’t the ACORN protesters or Code Pink protesters (all protesters, really) do the same thing—make it look like more people support their causes? Don’t get me wrong—I don’t think that any group of people should claim to speak for an entire ideology, but why is it okay for some people and not others?

      I think a lot of people are trying to discuss health care in a substantive way, but when their members of Congress haven’t read or don’t understand what’s been drafted, it’s difficult to discuss the issue in a meaningful way. And I think people have brought up legitimate arguments against health care reform and presented their own options, but they’ve been dismissed off-hand and presented to the public in press conferences as being against ANY change at all.

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