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Miley Cyrus to Play Batgirl in Dark Knight Sequel? DO NOT WANT. NO NO NO NO NO.

– Last week, I tweeted about EA’s “Commit an act of Lust with a booth babe” contest. And today, When Fangirls Attack posted their SDCC edition of WFA (sort-of..), which included a TON of links about this contest. Among my favorites was the Newsarama post which said, “It’s kind of funny to me, too, that “booth babes” are still used to lure fanboys, who then turn around and complain about Twilight fangirls squealing over Robert Pattinson.” EXACTLY.

EA (kind-of) apologized for the contest, but they’re still being a little disingenuous about it. How many people honestly think that taking a picture with someone is the first thing you’re going to think of when you hear “Commit an act of lust!”? Really?

– Also amusing (and found via WFA), this Girl vs. Robot comic.

Harry Potter and the Pint of Liquid Courage Good grief. *facepalm*

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