SDCC Solution

The solution to people missing panels they want to go to because people from the previous panels stay in Hall H is—and I know this is probably OUTRAGEOUS—to clear the room at the end of each panel. You know, like they do at Dragon*Con?

Yeah yeah, but then people wouldn’t be able to GO to all the panels! Wah. If you don’t know how to prioritize at a big con, maybe you shouldn’t be going. I had to miss the Venture Brothers panel last year at D*C because I was going to the Slave Leia shoot and I’m sure I missed a costume contest or something because I went to the Battlestar Party instead. It’s better for the fans—not to mention the actors, directors, writer, etc. who travel to go to the panels—to be forced to prioritize rather than making a bunch of Fandom X fans sit through a Fandom Y panel because it’s the one before Fandom X’s panel. One of my Twitter friends sat through the SG:U panel because of “Caprica” and the SG creator was dismayed that so few SG fans were actually there. I don’t understand why ComicCon refuses to implement this policy; it works perfectly fine at Dragon*Con and gives con-goers the opportunity to see only the panels they want—which means they have more time to spend hanging out at booths and spending money on art, maquettes, or over-priced con food. And spending money is really what ComicCon is all about, isn’t it? 😉


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