NYT covers GOP’s energy bill with dripping disdain

House Republicans Draft Energy Bill With Heavy Focus on Nuclear Power

Badly outnumbered and months behind in the debate on energy and climate change, House Republicans plan to introduce an energy bill on Wednesday as an alternative to the Democratic plan barreling toward a House vote this month.

What a great start to this story! You can almost feel the hatred for the House Republicans and the reporter’s butthurt for having to report this story. They must have been thinking, Why could I have done the story on Bo Obama pooping in the mural room instead of this story about the icky Rethuglicans?

Of course they point out that the Democrats’ bill “has been through hundreds of hours of public hearings and committee deliberations and passed the Energy and Commerce Committee last month on a 33-to-25 vote,” because how dare the House Republicans introduce an alternative bill after the first bill passed the Energy and Commerce Committee! THE HORRORS!!!

*eyeroll* Honestly, people. I’m sure the NYT was lapping up President Obama’s assertion that Iran deserve nuclear power—for serious, guys! So why can’t Americans have the same energy opportunities as France has and as Iran apparently deserves?

Anyone know any good science-news sites or blogs? I’m so fed up with NYT it’s ridiculous.


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