Just a little late, Robert…

The Obama Infatuation

“Our political system works best when a president faces checks on his power. But the main checks on Obama are modest. They come from congressional Democrats, who largely share his goals if not always his means. The leaderless and confused Republicans don’t provide effective opposition. And the press — on domestic, if not foreign, policy — has so far largely abdicated its role as skeptical observer.


“The press has become Obama’s silent ally and seems in a state of denial. But the story goes untold: Unsurprisingly, the study of all the favorable coverage received little coverage.”

It’s only received “little coverage” if all you follow are the mainstream, monolithic news agencies. *eyeroll*

Anyway, it’s worth a read, even if it is information that most reasonable people already know. I’m actually amazed that some journalists are writing about stuff like this right now; I figured they’d be in denial forever.


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