Judicial Diversity

I can’t even work up any outrage at this kind of tokenism. It’s expected, like her being a Princeton/Yale Law alumna. Just once in my life I’d like to see a president nominate to the court a graduate of, say, University of Tennessee Law School.

(R.S. McCain)

I completely agree. It’s amazing that for all the talk about judicial diversity, politicians are still inclined to pick from those jurists who went exclusively to Ivy League schools. How diverse can the judicial system really be if all the judges come from the same schools and received the same legal education? There are a lot of smart law students at non-Ivy League schools, not because they couldn’t get into Harvard or Yale, but because they couldn’t afford it. Picking only from the Ivy Leaguers perpetuates elitism and discriminates against people who are just as intellectually capable as their Ivy League contemporaries but who couldn’t afford an Ivy League education.

We’ve heard a lot recently about how a judge’s life experience supplements their interpretations of the law—why, then, do we only value the life experiences of Ivy League graduates?


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