Links and more Marvel Divas

Wow, it’s been a while since I last updated, and just like the last few posts, this one isn’t going to be full of SERIOUS BUSINESS. But here’s what I’ve been looking at today:

Russian Wall-E Case Mod I.e., a Wall-E computer. The guy who made it made it from scratch, and it looks AWESOME. I would love to have one.

Transforming USB Flash Drive It looks like Ravage, the panther Transformer. I’m just waiting for the Soundwave MP3 player. 😉

25 Logos with Hidden Messages The Big Ten logo is creative and innovative—I wouldn’t have guessed that they would have gotten so savvy with a sports conference logo. The “Eight” logo is amazing too, and I really love the logo for Yoga Australia. It’s simple and makes so much sense, but is still cute, too.

Star Wars Photo: A Balanced Breakfast (flickr) The Rebel Legion tweeted this picture with the caption, “The Rebel Legion: we eat stormtroopers for breakfast.” Indeed we do. 😉

– Speaking of SW, here’s the most adorable tauntaun ever. It’s a plush tauntaun, complete with a cranky frozen Luke and a stomach zipper, so you can keep Luke warm in the cold Hoth air.

And now, some more Marvel Divas stuff:
The Joe Quesada/Marvel Divas Scandal Made Simple “You tried to give women what you thought they wanted and are now trying to ignore them as they try to tell you what they want.”

it’s not our fault we’re sexist when your tits are lookin’ us right in the eye! “Quesada claimed that Marvel is by no stretch of the imagination “sexist”, even while perpetuating the stereotype that although the Marvel Divas possess the same set of skills and share in the same adventures that the male heroes do, in order for a female audience to relate, it is necessary that their stories are reduced to conversations concerning Jimmy Choo’s and boyfriends.”

Daily Scans: Looks like Marvel Learned Their Lesson The Marvel Divas #2 cover is out, and it’s a VAST improvement from the first one, but there’s no way that it will overcome Joe Q’s insulting, appaling drivel that came in response to fans’ dislike of the first cover. The two covers can’t be compared—the women in the first cover all have the same mindless facial expressions and awkwardly-drawn bodies, while in the second cover they have attitudes that stand out from one another. Meh. If JoeQ hadn’t gone out of his way to insult the fans of these characters, the series might have done well. I don’t read many comics, but I was originally excited about this because of Black Cat. Not anymore. I hope someone comes to their senses soon and kicks Quesada’s ass out onto the curb. Comics are a novelty and a luxury item; the companies really can’t afford to alienate half of their fan base right now, and that would be a perfect opportunity and reason to get rid of him now, before he does even MORE damage.


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