Monday Night Linkspam

I’m cranky because Horrible Upstairs Neighbors are having a party, so browse at your own risk.

Lobbyists help Dems draft climate change bill I’m glad that lobbyists aren’t influential anymore. Except for when they are. (Just like how the Obama administration didn’t hire lobbyists, except for when they did! CHANGE!)

U.S. May Revive Guantanamo Military Courts This was (conveniently) released on Friday night. Also, more recently, Obama Rebuffed on Funds to Close Guantanamo

Althouse: Why have these campaign finance crimes at all if we aren’t going to enforce them? What is it about John Edwards that he deserves special compassion? Why, indeed.

Funny Thing About Obama… “Obama has cast so many political humorists into a bad spot because he lacks the obvious defining qualities — both mentally and physically — that transformed previous Oval Office occupants into comedic catnip. He doesn’t have a strong regional accent and didn’t have a strange job before his political rise (former peanut farmer Jimmy Carter). He doesn’t fall down (Gerald Ford). He is not regarded as aging or forgetful (Ronald Reagan). He hasn’t been dubbed a “wimp” (George H.W. Bush). He is not tainted by scandal (Clinton). He doesn’t stumble over the English language (George W. Bush).”

That quote is utter horseshit, and here’s why:
1. Why, exactly, can’t you make fun of a community organizer? Sounds like someone would would chair bake sales to me.
2. He might not fall down, but he tried to walk into a window and hit his head getting out of Marine One.
3. Yeah, cause his apology tour of the world wasn’t wimpy. AT ALL.
4. Scandal? Meh. They can have this one, although you could argue that he’s done a lot of scandal-worthy things over the stimulus. (Getting astroturfers ginned up over bonuses he signed into law, maybe?)
5. *facepalm* The man is practically chained to a teleprompter. And he may be an eloquent speaker, but that doesn’t mean he hasn’t made any gaffes. “57 states,” anyone? Or how about “Cuatro de Cinco?” (But you know, we commoners should be ashamed because we aren’t bilingual. Take me, for example. I only took French for eight years!)

You want to know why people are saying that Obama lacks qualities which he actually doesn’t? Because the media is so far up his ass that they refuse to report on anything that he’s done wrong (or really, anything substantive), lest they be ignored at a presser or accused of being traitors. I mean, is this what actually passes as news today? Really? And the dinosaurs single-celled organisms* of the media establishment are surprised they’re completely tanking? Spare me. (Told you I was cranky.)

Some good news:
TN Senate Wins Conference Committee “Guns in Bars” Fight “House members of a conference committee on the so-called “guns in bars” bill voted 3-2 to abandon restrictions adopted by the House and accept the Senate version of the bill. The bill (HB962) would for the first time allow handgun permit holders to take their weapons into restaurants that serve alcoholic beverages.”

* Dinosaurs are too awesome to be used in a derogatory way.


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