Brief Exam Update

Trying to avoid politics during exam time—I have other things to worry about right now—but this is just ridiculous. Good grief. (Instapundit is rounding up responses.)

Anyways. Finished my 2nd exam today. It was Contracts II. I have Civil Procedure II on Monday and Property on Wednesday. Property is going to be a nightmare. I have to teach myself everything before the exam. Not looking forward to it.

Thus far, though, my exams have been feeling good. I’m not having freak-outs in the middle of them, and overall I’m not worried too much. Can’t figure out if it’s a defense mechanism, or if I’m getting used to the process, or something else, but it’s kind of nice to come out of an exam feeling okay/numb. I’m not sure how that’s going to reflect in my grades, but I can only do the best I can. There’s no reason to get all freaked out and discouraged.


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