It’s been a week since I last posted. What happened? Well… Friday was my last day of class for the semester. I spent most of last week at friends’ houses and coffee shops studying for exams. My first exam was today, my 2nd is Thursday, and my last two are next week. I don’t anticipate that I’ll be scouring the Internet for links because I haven’t really studied at all much.

The Records Office at school has started putting our schedules together—we have a really weird and horrible bidding system—and so far I’m getting the classes I wanted. I got into Evidence with Prof. Paine and Administrative Law with Professor Reynolds. I’ve really got my fingers crossed for Intellectual Property Law; I’ll be really upset if I don’t get in. :\

Right now, I’m so busy with exams that I’m not really paying attention to the news… but I did hear about swine flu over the weekend and about Sen. Specter’s party-switching today. OH, and the super-classy, thoroughly planned fly-by in NYC. That was great and totally necessary. *facepalm* Our government at work, kids; do you really want them telling you which medical procedures you’re allowed to have?

Also, this is pretty much the coolest thing ever:

And finally, I just realized that Star Trek comes out after my exams are over and am going to believe that it’s a reward for getting through my first year of law school. Thanks, JJ!

Now it’s time to start studying for Contracts. Parol Evidence Rule, here I come!


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