Prioritizing Science

When I’m President, we will make science instruction a national priority, and we’ll develop assessments that don’t just test isolated bits of information, but advanced skills like logic, data analysis, and interpretation.

Barack Obama, speaking in Manchester, NH on November 20, 2007

I am glad to see that the New York Times is following his lead by devoting their Science section to important topics:

Really prioritizing Science there, aren’t you NYT?

Look, Obama is right that science is extremely important and should be a priority. As much as I love my Social Science degree, I understand the importance of hard sciences. I grew up learning about dinosaurs, looking at blood cells under microscopes, and going to the science museum nearly every weekend with my Dad. And I sort-of get that NYT feels like it has to put a touchy-feely, human interest spin on its science news to attract readers, but I don’t understand why they have to inject Obama references into so many of their articles. They stand out awkwardly and take the focus away from the subject of the story. Unless the President is supporting a specific policy or doing something that relates to the article, he shouldn’t be in the story.

Scientists warn of Twitter Dangers
Politics in the Guise of Pure Science (NYT!)


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