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NYU Student Conducts Most Adorable Robot Experiment Ever Awww. It’s like a cardboard Mouse Droid with a happy face!!! Honestly, if I’d seen this little guy, I might have helped him, but mostly I’d have wanted to run away with him.

Who knew, videos on YouTube are embeddable The guy whose face is in the video is Christian Grantham of Nashville is Talking. See his companion post about this ridiculousness here. And also: AP chair takes on new media. *sigh* Oh, AP…

– I have some new links for the blogroll: First, I’ve got my friend Derek’s blog/site. It’s got a smattering of real life stories, 2nd Amendment issues/discussions, and other random stuff.

Second, there’s Tom Chederar, a freelance journalist/reporter whom I met last summer. Derek, Summer, and I helped him with a story about Dragon*Con for Geeks of Doom. (Derek also recently got picked up as a Geeks of Doom photographer.)

Finally, there’s The VT Trooper, a blog written by a member of the 501st’s New England Garrison. I wish some of the guys in my local garrison had blogs about trooping; this guy does a good job though covering charity/trooping events. (Check out his entry about inducting Aaron Douglas into the 501st as an honorary member.)


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