Oral Arguments and Legal Process

I’ve got my Oral Argument tomorrow. I am so unprepared; I can make my arguments, but I don’t have a good knowledge/command of the cases.

My sections of Legal Process—what my law school calls Legal Writing—has been a complete joke. Both semesters, my section has been plagued by a non-involved professor. Last semester we had a syllabus where 75% of the class meetings were “TBA,” no guidance on our memos whatsoever, and no explanation of how to do IRAC. This semester, my professor promised he’d do better than our other prof, but he took a promotion and was sick and traveled a bit and so we were put on the back-burner for a lot of the semester. Doing my motion and my Appellate Brief (which is due Friday) (and now, oral arguments) has been like groping through a cave without a flashlight. I don’t feel like we’ve been given the foundation or the structure to competently do these assignments, and I’m grappling with how to write them rather than how to frame my legal argument. It’s made me extremely hostile to the course because it’s so frustrating!

As much as I hate to, I need to trudge on and try as hard as I can to finish my oral argument in the next few hours. I have a (great) partner counting on me. All I can do is write out what I want to say, practice, and try to learn the cases as much as I can before my arguments tomorrow. I can only do my best. And in about 30 hours, I’ll be done with Legal Process class FOREVER. (Well, except for my brief, but I’ll be done with class. Yay!)


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