At Althouse: Bad “Star Wars” Costumes

Bad Star Wars Costumes

First off: what a random post for Althouse. I love it, but I didn’t know she was capable of such nerdity!

She links to the actual metafilter page… I was surprised to see George and the Box Troopers. They’re the ones who are accused to being in something worse than a Gay Pride parade. *eyeroll* Actually, they’re at the Dragon*Con Parade in Atlanta, GA (which always brings in huge groups of kids and families), and their costumes are pretty clever. They have a companion called “Chewboxa,” too. Seeing the costumes up close, it’s obvious that they’ve put some thought and work into them.

The only thing that kills me about the post is (1) that there are lots of really, really good Star Wars costumes and costumers out there, and (2) the aforementioned costumers frequently use their talents in a selfless, helpful way. Perpetuating the “SW fans are 40 year old nerds who live in their mom’s basements” stereotype completely ignores and overshadows all the good stuff that SW costumers and fans are doing. But I guess the people who *do* know are the ones who really matter.

(Okay, in case you didn’t already know, I’m a huge Star Wars fans. I grew up watching them with my dad, and, yes, I’ve made and worn Star Wars costumes.)


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