And for the Queen…

Apparently, Obama gave the Queen of England an iPod and a rare songbook signed by Richard Rogers. The iPod evidently had video footage of the Queen’s recent visit to Richmond, which is clever and nice, but not altogether stately. Jimmie has some good commentary (I don’t have the time at the moment to really dissect the appropriateness of an iPod as a gift to the head of a state––-I have a brief due tomorrow. Yuck.)

Last night, when I heard that the President was going to meet the Queen, I was wondering whether he would give her the same type of gift that he gave the British Prime Minister, and if so, which titles he would choose. I came up with:
The King and I
Princess Diaries (1 & 2)
The Prince and Me
Elizabeth (and the sequel)
The Queen
The Lion King (plus all of the Disney Princess movies…)
Princess Bride

So while I was wrong, he at least gave her a video iPod, so maybe he’ll send her a custom-made playlist with all these movies? If nothing else, he can always send her the Sex Pistols’ God Save the Queen album. 😉


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